Timeline showing the history of Montbell's product development and functionality.



Established Montbell Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan, on August 1. Our goal was to produce quality outdoor equipment.

Began making rain gear and sleeping bags suitable for the rainy climate of Japan.


Sleeping bag

Developed a sleeping bag using DuPont's Hollofil® insulation.

Pioneered quality rainwear using Hypalon.

Developed quality helmets and durable, heat-retardant gloves for climbing.


As a replacement to wool in knitted clothing, began using Orlon, a faster-drying acrylic fiber developed by DuPont-a first in Japan.

Produced clothing using Dacron Hollofil for its proven performance.

Used core-spun fabric in clothing-lighter and stronger than 10 oz. cotton.

Using Kevlar®, another material developed by DuPont, produced the world's very first lightweight helmet.Produced Nomex® gloves.

Began exporting Montbell items to the largest sporting goods shop in Europe.

The Katsuyama alpine club proved the performance of our Dacron Sleeping Bag ST at 6,000 m/19,685 ft on Mt. McKinley.


Produced Orlon fleece items that were 50% lighter than wool sweaters and with better durability and warmth.

Began retailing climbing pants made using core-spun cloth.

Group YETI used our Dacron jackets on the south pillar of Dhaulagiri (8,167 m/26,810 ft). They also used our Sleeping Bag SP at the final camp.


Moon Light Tent

Developed three revolutionary tent styles, giving birth to the first Moon Light Tent designs.

Experimented with Thinsulate® thermal insulation, developed by 3M.

The Kyoto Karakorum Club proved the durability of Moon Light Tents and Dacron products.