Timeline showing the history of Montbell's product development and functionality.



Super Dru Parka

Produced highly functional Thinsulate®clothing.

Introduced Entrant and Gore-Tex® fabrics for selected items. Combined with Montbell's unique designs, these proved more breathable and more waterproof than other products on the market.

Began exporting sleeping bags and outerwear to Vaude in Germany.

Mr. Ide successfully crossed North America on bicycle. He used Montbell products (including a sleeping bag and rainwear) for one and a half years, proving their durability.


Imported Cordura® nylon, a new fabric developed by DuPont, for packs.

Established the Montbell Tokyo office.


Montbell Catalogs

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Alpine Packs

In February, Mr. Wada and Mr. Kodama (members of Sangakudoushi-kai) used the Dru Parka during their successful winter ascent of the north wall (the claw side) of Grandes Jorasses in the European Alps.

In June, Mr. Tsuneo Tsugita, a professional guide, used the Guide Jacket and successfully skied down Huascaran (6,768 m/22,204 ft) in South America.

On August 14, Mr. Yoshino and Mr. Yanagisawa wore the Dru Parka and Pants and successfully climbed the north edge of K2 (8,611 m/28,251 ft) with no oxygen.

A Hokkaido University team completed the second winter ascent of Dhaulagiri using many Orlon products, such as the Orlon Fleece Jacket.

Kozureokami-tai, who joined the Paris-Dakar Rally, used the Moon Light Tent and Dacron Sleeping Bag.

In April, to recognize Montbell's climbing spirit, introduced the Zero Point line.

In September, developed Harness and Alpine Packs using high-strength Ballistic® nylon.
Developed Chlorofiber Underwear.


Stream Jacket

The Women's Climbers Club visited Bhutan using our U.L. Zelt tent, Fleece Jacket, and other products.

Crafted the Tough Bag sleeping bag series and clothing using DuPont's Quallofil material.

Used high-strength Ballistic® nylon in luggage.

Introduced a new line of climbing shoes and climbing accessories.

Began retailing the Stream Jacket and Pants.

In July, the Soviet (SSSR) Pamir International party used the Action One-Piece Suit to climb Mt. Lenin (7,134 m/23,405 ft) .


Created clothing using a newly developed woven version of Orlon.

Produced gear for motorcycling.

Developed Seal Coat (an extraordinary waterproofing material) and began exporting it to Patagonia, USA.

Participated in the world's largest sports fair, ISPO '84, in Munich, Germany.

Began exporting Montbell goods to the USA, Germany, and England.

Cooperated with Clog Co., Ltd. to produce the Expedition One-Piece Suit and a lightweight alpine pack.

Contracted with Ron Fawcett, world renowned climber, to be a product research and design development adviser. Ron Fawcett visited Japan with his wife and enjoyed rock climbing at Ogawayama.

The Fukuoka Mountaineering party used Chlorofiber underwear on their expedition to Cho Oyu (8,201 m/26,908 ft).


Storm Cruiser

Published Clo value ratings from sleeping bag thermal experiments. Used temperature ratings for the Tough Bag sleeping bags.

Ms. Masako Izumi used the Tough Bag, Chlorofiber underwear, and the Expedition One-Piece Suit on her expedition to the North Pole.

Mr. Tadao Tanaka used the Moon Light Tent to tour from Australia to New Zealand by motorcycle.

Had Yosemite tour as the 10th anniversary event.

Hosted a slide show by Mr. Hidetaka Suzuki in major cities all over Japan.

Developed the Expedition Pack and Wind Block III Tent, using a Telegonomix system.

Mr. Yuichiro Miura successfully skied down the highest peaks on seven continents. Among other equipment, he used the Wind Block Tent, Expedition Pack, Moon Light Tent, and Montbell clothing.

Sangakudoushikai used the Expedition One-Piece Suit in his attempt to climb the south wall of Aconcagua (6,959 m/22,831 ft) in the winter.


Montbell club shop

Started using Ballistic 30-denier fabric to produce the lightest, most compact
Gore-Tex® rain wear-for example, our Storm Cruiser Jacket and Pants.

Established the Montbell Club, an extension of Montbell retail.

Created WINDS, a new travel-focused category.

Team ACP joined the 8th Paris-Dakar Rally, using the Moon Light Tent and the Tough Bag 2.

The English Party used the Expedition Pack to climb Salcantay (6,271 m/20,574 ft) in the Andes.

The Rakuno University Mountaineering Party used the Wind Block Tent and the Expedition One-Piece Suit in their expedition to Chamlang (7,319 m/24,012 ft) in the Himalayas.

The Canadian Rocky JECC Mountaineering party used the Vertical Bag and Stream Jacket.


Began retailing the Aquatic Series featuring waterproof zippers.

Developed quick-drying Wickron® material for summer wear.

Mr. Shinji Kazama used the Tough Bag and Special Sleeping Bag for an expedition to the North Pole by motorcycle.


Super Tough Bag


Rain Trekker

Engineered the Super Tough Bag Series, an evolution from the original Tough Bag Series.

Began retailing a selection of items for bicycling.

Applied an exceptionally waterproof, super-wicking coating to the Rain Trekker products.

Team El Coyote (Mr. Doi and other members) successfully crossed the lengths of the North and South American continents by motorcycle as a special program for the thirty-fifth anniversary of Nippon-TV (titled "Cross of the earth: 30,000 km"). Used the Moon Light Tent and U.L. Zelt Tent.

"Sand Walkers" joined the South America Trans Amazon Rally, and used the Moon Light Tent, Tough Bag, and more.

The Andes Cycling Expedition from the Cyuo University Cycling Club used Montbell's Stream Jacket and Pants, Roche Sweat Shirt, and Chlorofiber Underwear.

Baltoro Climbing Team Trango Tower Mountaineering party used the Expedition Pack, Alpine Pack, and Super Expedition One-Piece Suit.

The Himalaya Doujin party reached the summit of Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586 m/28,169 ft) using the Super Expedition One-Piece Suit, Action One-Piece Suit, Wind Block Tent, Tough Bag, and Thermawrap Jacket.


"The Osaka City" entered the 11th running of the Paris-Dakar Rally and won the title in their class. Used the Moon Light Tent, Tough Bag and more.

Ms. Masako Izumi reached the North Pole. Among other Montbell equipment, she used Pile Knit Underwear, Pile Sweatshirts, and the Special Jacket and Pants.

The International Ice Walk student party, working for environmental conservation, used the Tough Bag.

Mr. Haruyuki and Ms. Yuka Endo from the Altitude Laboratory Mountaineering party reached the summit of Gasherbrum 1 (8,068 m/26,470 ft). They used the Expedition One-Piece Suit, the L.W. Sit Harness, and the Expedition Pack.