Timeline showing the history of Montbell's product development and functionality.



Mr. Richard Fox, world cup winner in K-1 slalom, and Ms. Myriam Jerusalmi joined as Montbell advisers.

A team used camels to cross the Taklamakan Desert (750 km/466 miles) in China, equipped with Montbell's Super Tough Bag and clothing.

A Russian adventurer, Mr. Fyodor, reached the North Pole using the Super Expedition One-Piece Suit, Expedition Tough Bag, and more.

Established Montbell Europe in Brussels, Belgium.

Mr. Noriyasu Kumori used the Mountain Shirt, Therma-wrap, Denali Jacket and Bib to climb Mt. McKinley (6,194 m/20,321 ft).

Opened a Montbell design office in California, USA.


Led by Ms. Junko Tabei, Team Tabei climbed Mt. Vinson Massif (4,897 m/16,066 ft), the highest peak in Antarctica. Used Super Expedition One-Piece Suit.

The Broad Peak Mountaineering Party from the Tokyo University of Agriculture used the Moon Light Tent at the base camp and proved its long-term durability.

The International Straits Club kayaked from Taiwan to Kagoshima (Kyu-syu) and used the Moon Light Tent.

Mr. Kazuo Ikehara successfully motorcycled from China to Mongolia (5,400 km/3,355 miles). Used a Montbell Rain Suit.


The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) from Wyoming, USA, used the Wishbone Pack, Freney Parka, and other equipment when mountaineering on Gasherbrum.

Antarctic Walk and Antarctic Expeditionary party used the Expedition Tough Bag in Greenland and at the South Pole.

Equipped with the L.W. Sit Harness, U.L. Zelt Tent, Storm Cruiser, and more, the Japan & India Women's Mountaineering party made the first ascent of Saraswati in Northern Garwhar.


Down Hugger

The Fuji Climbing Club used Montbell's ZeoLine Underwear and WB Expedition Pack to successfully climb the South Wall Cassin Ridge route of Mt. Denali (6,194 m/20,321 ft).

All members of Japan's Gasherbrum 2 & 4 Mountaineering party reached the summit of Gasherbrum (8,035 m/26,362 ft). Used ZeoLine Underwear, Action One-Piece, and WB Alpine Pack.

Introduced the advanced Down Hugger sleeping bag series.

In cooperation with Kyo-Cera, the energy company, developed a clean power Solar Charger. This product was used by the JAC Tokai Crown Expedition party, Gunma Everest South-East Wall Expedition party, Yamanashi Alpine Federation Mountaineering party, and Hokkaido Karaboshi Mountaineering party.


Innovated an adventure cycling bag system for extended bicycle trips.

Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Kibino crossed Australia on solar-powered mini cycles and used the Stainless Mesh Cap, Gloves, and Cycling Clothing.

The Asia University Antarctic Expedition party climbed Mt. Vinson Massif (4,897 m/16,066 ft), the highest peak in Antarctica. Used the Expedition One-Piece Suit and the Droite Parka.

Nissan Private Japon finished the Paris-Dakar Rally using Montbell fleece and Chameece products, the Down Hugger, and WB Pack.


Outdoor charity band

Improved Wickron® to include different vertical sections, which greatly enhanced its wicking performance.

A party from Rissho University wore Montbell clothing to canoe rivers in Tajikistan.

Held 20 Year Anniversary Price Revolution, where all prices were reconsidered.

Help victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake by organizing "Outdoor charity band".


GORE.Alpane Dome


Expedition Down Jacket

Introduced a single wall tent, called the Gore Alpine Dome, using first generation Gore-Tex® fabric.

Developed a Dryloft Expedition Down Jacket using the new wind-resistant, highly breathable Dryloft fabric engineered by Gore.

The Nepal Himalayas Expedition party from Shinshu University reached the summit of Ratna Churi (7,035 m/23,080 ft). They used the Down Hugger, ZeoLine Underwear, WB Pack, and more.

The Mt. Pumori Mountaineering party of Okayama Gakuyu-kai did a successful winter ascent of Mt. Pumori in Nepal. Used the Droite Parka and Bib, Alpine Tent, and other equipment.

Launched OUTWARD, an information magazine for Montbell club members.


"OUTWARD" First Issue



Developed Hydro Breeze™, a polyurethane coating used on outerwear to provide exceptional waterproofness and breathability.

Produced Polkatex™, an all-purpose durable, water-repellent fabric that's resistant to abrasion and corrosion caused by body oils.

Introduced the Montbell Climaplus™ Fleece product line.

Members of the Sensyu Alpine Club used the Droite Parka, Dryloft Down Jacket, and L.W. Expedition Pack 80 to climb Cho Oyu (8,201 m/26,906 ft).

Mr. Yoshiharu Sekino used the Dryloft Down Hugger, Super Burrow Bag, and Gore Side-Zip Sleeping Bag Cover in his 53,000-km/32,000-mile Great Journey from Patagonia to Africa.


Montbell Summer Festival

Engineered an original last and used it for Gore-Tex® Tuolumne Boots, which feature an inner Gore-Tex bootie and are suitable for trekking.

Produced a fleece-laminated, polyurethane material called Climaprene™ for water sports apparel.

Hosted the Montbell Summer Festival at Yoshino in Shikoku.

Mr. Hiromichi Konno won the "North American World Cup" dog sled race in Alaska wearing the Fall Line Zip Out Jacket and Pants.

Mr. Kuriaki wore the Tempest One-Piece Suit, the Alpine Down Jacket, and other Montbell products during his solo winter ascent of Mt. McKinley (6,194 m/20,321 ft).


Stellaridge Tent


Designed a folding kayak and started the Montbell offshoot, ARFEQ™ Kayaks.

Created a revolutionary "wishbone-like" internal frame structure for large volume packs, giving name to the Super Wishbone Pack Series.

Developed an ultra-light, double-wall tent design, named the Stellaridge Tent Series.

Developed trekking poles.

Mr. Yoshimaru Sekino used the Super Burrow Bag in his 53,000-km/32,000-mile Great Journey from Patagonia to Africa.