Timeline showing the history of Montbell's product development and functionality.


Won 2010 Gear of the Year

Won 2010 Gear of the Year

Dyna Action Parka

Dyna Action Parka



Announced "U.L. Super Spiral Down Hugger#1 sleeping bag, which incorporates Montbell's Super Spiral Stretch System. Won Outside's 2010 Gear of the Year Award.

Announced "X-TREK Mighty Dome." which is a world class extremely light weight single walled tent.

Introduced the "Dyna Action Parka", an extraordinarily light alpine parka (420g).

Released "Outdry Alpine glove series" with the latest waterproof function.

Japanese Astronaut, Naoko Yamazaki wore Montbell clothing in the Space Shuttle.

Montbell Sapporo Kitahiroshima Store & Factory Outlet, and Passaggio Nishiarai Store (Adachi, Tokyo) were opened.

"Montbell Club Friend Fair" in Osaka and Yokohama.

Renovated and reopened Montbell Kanazawa Store & Factory Outlet in May.

The eighth consecutive "Try & Carry" canoe and kayak event in Hakui, in May.

Aomori Store & Factory Outlet was opened in May.

Factory Outlet Shiga Ryuo Store was opened in July.

"Montbell Club Friend Fair" in Nagoya.

Started distributing "Life-Link", a back country ski brand, in September.

Montbell Okayama and Kyoto Station Store were opened.

「SEA TO SUMMIT 2010」 in Kaike Daisen Tottori and Takatsugawa Shimane.

High Function T-shirts were provided to disaster victims in Chile's mining accident in October.

"Montbell Club Friend Fair" in Chiba and Osaka.

"CHECK IT OUT,"a white water kayak test-ride event.

Adventure Entomologist, Kenji Nishida was awarded the fifth annual "Mont-bell Challenge Award" in December.


The Great East Japan Earthquake

Torrent Flier jacket

Torrent Flier jacket






(Photo:Yoshiaki Murayama)

Introduced the extremely lightweight and compact Torrent Flier jacket and pants using GORE-TEX PACLITE fabrics.

Introduced a newly designed life jacket "U-cushion". It can be used as both a cushion and a life jacket to have with the Emergency Kit.

"U.L.Super Spiral Down Hugger EXP" was awarded the "Alpinist Mountain Standards" by the climbing magazine "Alpinist".

Acquired the Japanese brand "Kajitax" that makes climbing gears such as eizen, pickelan and eisbeil. It is now branded as "Montbell Kajitax".

"Light Alpine Down Parka" was awarded the Backpacker Magazine's "Editors' Choice".

In March, relief supplies donated by individuals from all over Japan for the earthquake stricken areas, were distributed by Outdoor GIENTAI. GIENTAI also volunteered to participate in restoration activities in Higashi Matsushima-shi.
Montbell Tsukuba Q't store opened in March.

Montbell Club Friend Fair as a donation event for the Great East Japan Earthquake was held in Kobe in April.
Fukuoka Tenjin store opened and ALBi Osaka station store opened after renewal construction in April.

In May, Montbell became fully involved in supporting the "Teno hira ni Taiyo" project in the disaster stricken area (Tome-shi of Miyagi prefecture) led by NGO "Japan Forest Biomass Network".
SEA TO SUMMIT was held in Kaike, Totori prefecture.

In June, SEA TO SUMMIT 2011 was held in Asahidake, Hokkaido.
Montbell Shinjuku South store opened.

In September, SEA TO SUMMIT 2011 was held in Chokaizan, Yamagata prefecture and Takatsugawa, Shimane prefecture.

In October, Montbell digital catalog for tablet PC and smartphone was released.
Montbell New Shizuoka store opened.

Montbell Kurashiki store and Tokushima store opened in November.


The London Olympic Games

Versalite Jacket

Versalite Jacket

Polar Down Parka and Bib

Polar Down Parka and Bib

Tenohirani Taiyo no ie project

"Teno hira ni Taiyo" house Project

Boken Juku

Boken Juku
(Adventure School)

Introduced the Versalite Jacket & Pants, at the time the world's lightest waterproof rain shell.

Introduced the Stream Jacket, a hardshell designed for extreme alpine conditions using tough materials. The Stream Jacket received praise from mountain professionals and the Alpine Guide Society for Japan adopted the Stream Jacket as their official uniform.

Introduced the Polar Down Parka and Bib, designed using feedback from the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, polar explorers and polar adventurers

Started the Otaria kayaking brand and introduced an 2-person inflatible kayak called the Bio Bio II.

The Tachyon Jacket won the OutDoor Industry Gold Award for 2012.

In January, opened a company booth at the Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World at the Yokohama Pacifico convention center.

In April, Montbell Kisarazu store, Hiroshima Kamiya store, Daisetsu store and Tomakomai store opened.

Began the the "Adventure School," a day of lectures from renowned adventurers and explorers to instill the spirit of adventure and share their knowledge and experiences.

In May, Montbell Kagoshima store opened.
The 2012 Sea to Summit events began with the Kaike Daisen event being held in Tottori Prefecture. In addition 4 other events were scheduled for 2012, Daisetsu Asahidake in Hokkaido Prefecture, Chokaisan in Akita and Yamagata Prefectures, Takatsugawa in Shimane Prefecture and Okukawachi in Osaka Prefecture.

In July, construction was completed on the "Teno hira ni Taiyo" house in the disaster stricken area of Tome city in Miyagi Prefecture.

In September, Montbell Canal City Hakata and Montbell Nagoya Minato opened.
In October, the sixth Montbell Challenge Award was awarded to aquaculturist Shigeatsu Hatakeyama.

The seventh Montbell Challenge Award was awarded to the "Teno hira ni Taiyo" project.


Mt. Fuji recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage site

Plasma 100 Down Jacket

Plasma 100 Down Jacket

Crushable Lantern Shade

Crushable Lantern Shade

EX Light Wind Jacket

EX Light Wind Jacket

Tateyama alpine hill climb race

Tateyama alpine hill climb race

The Quick Adjust System was developed as a way to quickly and simply adjust the torso length of a backpack. This system was first introduced in our women's line of day packs.

Developed "Trail Gripper," shoe sole rubber that displays excellent grip in rocky and damp conditions.

The Tachyon Jacket was awarded a Special Mention in the Lifestyle category of the German Design Award for 2014.

The Plasma 1000 Down Jacket and Crushable Lantern Shade won OutDoor Industry Awards at the OutDoor Show 2013.

Recognized by Superbrands Japan 2013-2014.

Donated helmets to Nagano Prefecture's Search and Resuce. Also provided rental helmets to mountain huts in 4 areas.

Four Sea to Summit events were scheduled for 2013. Daisetsu Asahidake in Hokkaido Prefecture, Chokaisan in Akita and Yamagata Prefectures, Kaike Daisen event in Tottori Prefecture and Okukawachi in Osaka Prefecture.

In February, Montbell Abeno store opened.

In March, Montbell Sapporo Hassamu and Montbell Yokohama Bayside reopened after rennovations.

In April, Montbell Tokyo Kyobashi store and Montbell Umekita store opened. Created Friend Market, a way for Montbell Friend shops to sell food and reach a wider audience online.

In May, Montbell Marui Ikebukuro opened.
he Montbell Tokyo Office relocated to Tokyo Minato-ku in Takanawa.

In June, held the "Montbell Tateyama Alpen Hill Climb," the first bicycle race to take place along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route.
Montbell Mark IS Minato Mirai store, Montbell Room Arima store, Montbell Toudaiji Monzen store and Montbell Shinagawa store opened.

In August, the Montbell website for smartphones opened.

In October, Montbell Leaf Minato Mirai store and Montbell Nagakute store opened.

In America, Montbell Portland store opens.

In November, Montbell Niigata Bandai LoveLa 2 store opens.


Mount Ontake Volcanic Eruption

「SCHEIDEGG」by Montbell

「SCHEIDEGG」by Montbell

Field wears for farmers and gardeners

Field wears for farmers and gardeners



Mountaineering magazine 「Gakujin」

Mountaineering magazine 「Gakujin」

In January, introduced Montbell's bicycle brand "Scheidegg" with two new road bicycle models.

In March, a new series "Field Wear" was introduced to help those working in the agriculture and forestry industries.
The Down Hugger 900 #2 received BACKPACKER Magazine's "2014 Editors' Choice Award."

In October, the Frost Line Parka received BACKPACKER Magazine's "2015 Editors' Choice Snow Award."

In November, Montbell Founder and CEO published his book "Kiseki: My Outdoor Life."

Announced a new project called, Japan Eco Track. In cooperation with the local government and businesses, this new style of eco tourism enables travelers enjoy local areas via the outdoors while at the same time helping to revitalize the local area.

Five Sea to Summit events were scheduled for 2014. Daisetsu Asahidake in Hokkaido Prefecture, Chokaisan in Akita and Yamagata Prefectures, Kaike Daisen event in Tottori Prefecture, Okukawachi in Osaka Prefecture and Etajima in Hiroshima Prefecture.

In September, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and Switzerland, a symposium was held, "A new choice for Japan, thinking about the Swiss model."

In January, Montbell Matsuyama store opened.

In March, Montbell Tendo store and Montbell Room Nihonbashi-Mitsukoshi opened.

In April, Montbell LaLa terrace Musashikosugi store and Montbell Marui Kichijoji store opened.

In June, Montbell Lalaport Kashiwaha store opened.

In July, Montbell Fujiyoshida store opened.

In October, Montbell Yamagata store and Montbell Lalaport Izumi store opened.

In November, Montbell Room Hakuba Happo opened.

Took over publishing of the mountaineering magazine "Gakujin" from Chunichi Shimbun. The first revamped issue was pubslished in September.


Hokuriku Shinkansen opened between Nagano and Kanazawa

New Storm Cruiser Jacket

New Storm Cruiser Jacket

MTB and Cross Bike from 「SCHEIDEGG」

MTB and Cross Bike from 「SCHEIDEGG」

The Good Life Award

The Good Life Award

Montbell Villeage Tateyama

Montbell Village Tateyama

Introduced the eight version of the Storm Cruiser Jacket featuring Gore C-Knit Backer Technology.

Introduced new women's sleeping bag models in the Down Hugger 800 series.
Introduced two new bicycles in the Scheidegg brand, a mountain bike and cross bike.

Introduced two climbing harnesses for alpine climbing and showering climbing.

Introduced a new supplement for outdoor activities called "Amino Summit 3500."

Seven Sea to Summit events were scheduled for 2015. The Ministry of the Environment awarded the Sea to Summit events the Minister's Good Life Award.

The first official route for Japan ECO Track opened in Tottori Prefecture, the Sea to Summit Route. This route starts in Sakaiminato, goes along the Kaike coast and ends at the summit of Mt. Daisen.

To celebrate Montbell's 40th annivesary, Montbell Club Gathering events were held in 8 locations in Japan attended exclusively by Montbell Club members.

In January, construction was completed on the Montbell Hokuriku Logistics Center in Hasaku city in Ishikawa Prefecture, increasing Montbell's logistics and manufacturing capacity.

In February, Montbell Minami-Aso store opened.

In March, Montbell Akishima Outdoor Village store and Montbell Room Sherpa Kumamoto opened.

In April, Montbell Lalaport Fujimi store, Montbell Nagano store, Montbell Oita store, Montbell Okinawa Rycom store opened.

In July, Montbell Makuhari store and Montbell Oyabe store opened.

In September, Montbell Village Tateyama store and Montbell Okachimachi store opened.

In October, Montbell Lalaport Ebina store opened.

In November, Montbell Lalaport Expocity store opened.

In December, Montbell Niigata Minami store opened.
In Switzerland, Montbell Zermatt store opened.


Kumamoto Earthquake
The Rio Olympic/Paralympic Games

Alpine Thermo Bottle

Alpine Thermo Bottle

Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka

Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka

Outdoor GIENTAI: Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Relief

Outdoor GIENTAI: Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Relief

Montbell Yokohama Shin-Yamashita Store

Montbell Shin-Yamashita Store

Superior insulation and lightweight, "Alpine Thermo Bottle 0.5L" received the OutDoor Industry Award. OutDoor Show is one of the world's largest international outdoor and sporting goods trade shows, and takes place in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Introduced the world's lightest high quality down*, "Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka" using 1000 fill power down.
*Based on Montbell's findings as of Dec. 2015.

In January, Montbell's CEO Isamu Tatsuno received the Mainichi Shinbun's 36th Annual Businessperson of the Year Award.

In February, Montbell provided outfits for the film "Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki ."

In April, Montbell Nanba City store opened.

Helped victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake by organizing Outdoor GIENTAI.

In May, "The Project to Reproduce an Authentic Sea Voyage from 30,000 years ago" received the 8th Montbell Challenge Award.

In June, Montbell Yokohama Shin-Yamashita Store opened.

In July, Montbell Post (web shopping) started the international shopping.

In August, "SEA TO SUMMIT" received the 4th Sports Revitalization Award.

In September, Montbell supported Monika Seryu, a kayak palalympian, with kayak racing jerseys and gears.

Made a Regional Cooperation Agreement with Mie Prefecture.

In November, Montbell Takasaki Store opened.

In December, made Outdoor Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Cooperation Agreement with Semboku City, Akita Prefecture.

Held Boken Juku (Adventure school) seminars in Tokyo and Osaka.

Ridge Line Pack

Ridge Line Pack


Freeze-dried rice, Rissota series

Montbell Head Office Annex store

Montbell Head Office Annex store

Montbell club members has grown to 800,000 members.

Introduced the extremely durable and lightweight, Ridge Line Pack using BALLISTIC ULTRA fabric.

Introduced a protective pants, Ballistic Ultra Logger Pants for chainsawing (forestry work).

Introduced fast-cooking and delicious, freeze-dried, Rissota series.

Incorporated flame resistant, Flaretect technology to garments.

Montbell has made the National Parks of Japan Official Partnership agreement with the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

Made Regional Cooperation Agreement with Nagano and Tottori Prefecture's local government and Tenri University. (24 new areas in 2017. Total of 26 areas from 2016. )

Japan Eco Track expands to 10 areas throughout Japan.

Montbell supported the Women's Japanese National Team, THE RIVER FACE.
The team won the World Rafting Championship 2017 at Yoshino River (Shikoku).

Montbell supported Team KUROSHIO in the global autonomous ocean exploration competition.

In March, Montbell Yokohama Kohoku and LaLaport Koshien store opened.

In April, Montbell Futakotamagawa and LaLaport Iwata store opened.

In July, Montbell Omiya store opened.

In August, Montbell Books released a hiking guide book for remote islands, Shimayama 100-sen.

In October, Montbell Head Office Annex store was reopened after renovation.