Montbell Outdoor Challenge (M.O.C.)


M.O.C. (Montbell Outdoor Challenge) is the outdoor side of the Montbell Club and provides the opportunity to participate in trekking, kayaking, rafting and other tours and events created by the Montbell staff. If you're looking for an opportunity to try unique sports throughout Japan, how about coming on a trip with us in the great outdoors?

Outdoor Event



Paddle through the daring whitewater on the raft! Introducing two major rafting area in Japan;Yoshino River and Nagatoro River.



Canoeing along the beautiful river is another great way of experiencing the water sport in Japan. On a 1-person kayak, you will paddle on the calm and easy moving water to the challenge of whitewater. From beginner to experienced kayaker, we have selections of courses for you to choose from. Experience how to maneuver yourself down the river with skill and confidence!

Shower climbing


Introducing Japan's unique outdoor experience; shower climbing. It is the root of Japan's traditional mountaineering. Hiking through the beautiful clear streams and climbing up the cascade and shallows in the mountain, you will be absorbed in the mystic wilderness and the sense of exhilaration. It is a new adventure that cannot be experienced by the ordinary hiking, and our friendly staff will guide you to the best spot in Japan!



There is no better way than to go up in the mountain and feel the natural beauty of Japan. Introducing mountainous part of Japan, we have variety of trails ready for you to hike. Listen to the sound of the wind, smell the fresh ground, enjoy the pretty flowers of the season...Let us show you around!

Field bases

How about coming on a trip with us in the great outdoors?

Nagatoro Shikoku Gojyo