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The New Products of Fall & Winter 2017-2018



Alpine Jackets


Dyna Action Parka Men's (Price ¥29,000 +TAX)
By utilizing the Dyna Action Parka's materials in a new hybrid design, we've been able to create a formitable alpine outer shell that has never been lighter or more focused on comfortable mobility. The body of the Dyna Action features superior breathability in a lightweight material, while the sleeves and shoulders feature a material that provides excellent stretch. This makes the Dyna Action Parka ideal for winter pursuits that require dynamic movement like ice climbing or ski mountaineering. But the lightweight nature of this parka means it isn't strictly regulated to your closet for the rest of the year, it's equally valuable as an outer shell for high elevation trekking.


Pumori Parka Women's (Price ¥26,500 +TAX)
For the first time, we've designed a women's specific alpine jacket that is lightweight and supple. Utilizes the GORE-TEX® C-Knit Backer technology with superior stretch and soft texture throughout the jacket. Stress free, easy movement and eliminates the crinkling and rustling which is normally associated with waterproof/breathable fabrics. This jacket is loaded with necessary features for winter mountaineering as well as features which women will appreciate, such as a detachable makeup guard, which can be easily washed.


Stream Parka Men's (Price ¥33,800 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥33,800 +TAX)
This model is built to stand up to the toughest conditions and the rigors of hard use, such as winter trekking above 3000m, ice climbing and day in day out use by professional mountain guides. By combining an originally developed, strong outer fabric with GORE-TEX® Pro laminate, this jacket is able to boast superior performance in harsh conditions. It has a slim profile and loaded with features to reduce the stress of movement and keep you moving comfortably.


Freney Parka Men's (Price ¥24,000 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥24,000 +TAX
)Though this item is great for entry level users, it is also suitable for use in extreme conditions. The Freney Parka is made with fabric that has excellent abrasion and tear resistance and has excellent functionality, such as a helmet compatible hood and a built-in powder skirt. When compared to other GORE-TEX Fabrics hard shells, the Freney Parka is an excellent value. Perfect for winter climbing, but also great year-round for cold weather activities like hiking.


Cosmic Parka (Price ¥22,400 +TAX)
The Cosmic Parka is now more stellar than ever, featuring Montbell's proprietary Stretch DRYTEC material for unsurpassed mobility in the backcountry. The outer layer is knit for a soft, supple feel, while also providing mechanical stretch for unparalleled movement. Made using one piece of fabric, the body, shoulders, and sleeves down to the elbows are lined with a brushed polyester to provide that extra little bit of warmth when moving in the backcountry. The Cosmic Parka is ideal when used in a cold weather layering system and suited to surroundings that tend to be vertical nature.



Introducing the convertible sleeve 800 Fill Power EX Down Insulation


Superior Down Convertible Jacket (Price ¥15,000 +TAX)
The revolution continues. Montbell forever changed the landscape of the backcountry apparel world with the North American introduction of the UL Down Inner Jacket in 2004. Meticulous refinement over the last decade has led to our new Superior Down Series! This latest innovation deftly balances the characteristics that define reliable ultra-light apparel. Light in weight and highly compressible this garment is the ultimate solution to controlling body temperature on the fly. Sleeve removal can be accomplished without having to take off the jacket, letting you stay warm in stiuations where you need to vent extra heat. Prized by budget conscious backcountry enthusiasts around the world, the Superior Down Series is “what you need” when a versatile warm layer is critical, minimal weight is paramount, and space in your pack is at a premium.

Synthetic Insulation


Thermawrap Parka Men's (Price ¥15,300 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥14,800 +TAX)
Thermawrap Vest Men's (Price ¥10,100 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥9,800 +TAX)
The excellent breathability of the lightweight shell material when combined with Montbell's proprietary EXCELOFT insulation creates an extremely versatile garment. It can be worn as an outer layer during cool outdoor weather to keep you warm or as a middle layer on frigid expeditions into the backcountry. Ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities in fall through spring. EXCELOFT garments are easy to maintain and can be easily laundered at home when dirty.

U.L. Thermawrap T (Price ¥10,000 +TAX)
These are the garments of choice for highly active users who appreciate the added margin of safety afforded by synthetic insulation. Light and compact the UL Thermawrap pieces provide sweater-weight warmth ideal when tackling mixed or wet conditions. Backcountry travelers of all kinds find these pieces an essential part of their layering system.

Base Layers

Durable yet warmer, introducing new ZEO-LINE middle weight fabrics


ZEO-LINE M.W. Round Neck Shirt Men's (Price ¥4,300 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥4,200 +TAX)
ZEO-LINE M.W. High Neck Shirt Men's (Price ¥5,000 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥4,800 +TAX)
The latest evolution of our base layer spinning technique utilizes high quality micro-fibers to produce coiled or "crimped" threads. Compared to traditional fibers, the refined microfibers present in Zeo-Line feature greater surface area and smaller air pockets to better trap air, yielding superior heat retention. Featuring a three-layer knit structure, Zeo-Line maintains an air-layer between dual fabrics. The layer closest to your skin pulls moisture away and moves it to the outer layer allowing the layer of air to maintain more consistently warm temperature.


ZEO-LINE M.W. Knee-Length Tights Men's (Price ¥3,300 +TAX)
ZEO-LINE M.W. Tights Men's (Price ¥4,200 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥4,000 +TAX)
SUPPORTEC Knee Supporter (Price ¥2,300 +TAX)
Super Merino Wool L.W. Waist Warm Shorts Women's (Price ¥2,800 +TAX)
We use only the highest quality MERINO WOOL from New Zealand for our base layers. With a selective fine gauge 18.5 micron fiber, our MERINO WOOL feels extremely smooth and has great elasticity. The Montbell base layers offer the same stellar moisture management and thermal properties that traditional wool is famous for, while reaching new levels of refinement, performance, and comfort. This baselayer combines the idea of a waist warmer with a pair of shorts, for providing additional warmth to the waist and hips. The excellent stretch of these shorts means it follows the body's movements.

Soft Shell


Cyclimb Vest Men's (Price ¥9,800 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥9,500 +TAX)
This high-performance vest can be used for a variety of activities from hiking and climbing to cycling. The front is made with CLIMAPRO™, which has the right amount of windproofing, insulation, and breathability. The back and underarm areas are made with Stretch CLIMAPLUS®, which has excellent breathability and stretch. In addition to blocking cold wind from the front, it effectively releases the heat and moisture that tends to accumulate while wearing a backpack. Though it has an athletic fit, the excellent stretch makes it easy to move during aerobic activities like cycling.

Cross Runner Jacket Men's (Price ¥9,000 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥8,500 +TAX)
The Cross Runner Jacket has a slim silhouette, but utilizes a material with superior stretch throughout the garment. This provides excellent fit and great mobility. The front of the jacket blocks cold wind and the back of the jacket release built up heat, making this a great piece for cold weather trail running.

Trail Action Pullover Men's (Price ¥6,700 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥6,100 +TAX)
With excellent stretch and heat retention, this pullover is designed for an active lifestyle. It is comfortable to wear thanks to the stretchability in the material. The lining is made with warm brushed fabric, which provides good insulation. The surface is smooth and therefore easy to layer, and it is elastic enough to handle vigorous movement. It can fully demonstrate its capabilities in strenuous situations such as winter mountaineering and ice climbing. The length of the front zipper facilitates easy on/off and vents excess heat during sustained activity.

Work Wear & Gear


CLIMAPRO Field Coveralls Men's (Price ¥16,200 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥16,000 +TAX)
These overalls provide an excellent warmth for field work during the colder months. Features superior windproofing properties with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment and utilizes CLIMAPRO™ 200 fabric which stretches for unrestrictive movement. A full length side zipper opens from the elbow to your knee which makes it easy to use the restroom without taking off the overalls. Outfitted with 6 pockets for a high storage capacity.

Field Tool Pouch S (Price ¥2,500 +TAX) / M (Price ¥3,000 +TAX)
This durable waist pouch allows you to store necessary tools for gardening. The main pocket is designed to stay open to fit a hand shovel and the sub pocket for a pair of scissors. The opening of the main pocket stands on its own for easy access to the tools. The inner base and scissor pocket are reinforced with a highly durable material. Features side loops to attach items such as mosquito coil containers.

Logging Equipment


Logger Carrier (Price ¥21,000 +TAX)
Drawing knowledge from Montbell's climbing backpacks, this carrier is specially designed for forestry work and utilizes the back panel system which provides excellent comfort when carrying. The frame is made of a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy and the joints are strongly welded together. Attach optional parts to fit your needs or use the carrier by itself with the hook pins to tie irregularly shaped loads.

Logger Carrier Gear Wrap (Price ¥5,800 +TAX)
This optional gear wrap is made for the Logger Carrier. Features many useful pockets for efficiently packing and transporting a chainsaw, fuel, tools, and other forestry equipment.

Logger Carrier Extra Bag (Price ¥2,500 +TAX)
This optional bag is made for the Logger Carrier. Provides an additional packing space for separating used tools, fuels and food.

Logger Carrier Gear Container (Price ¥5,800 +TAX)
This optional gear container is made for the Logger Carrier. With its excellent packing capacity, forestry gear and materials can be easily packed and quickly transported.

Lifestyle Clothing

Introducing FUEGO series, the Flame resistant clothing


Featuring Montbell's original flame resistant "Flaretect" material. Reduces the risk of making burn holes when exposed to fire sparks from outdoor cooking and camp fires. With a look of fine cotton and firm texture, this series can be worn from camping to everyday use. [Relaxed Fit]

Fuego Parka (Price ¥12,600 +TAX) / ② Fuego Pants (Price ¥9,400 +TAX) / ③ Fuego Apron (Price ¥7,200 +TAX) / ④ Fuego Hat (Price ¥4,700 +TAX)

Insulated Down


Colorado Vest Men's (Price ¥13,500 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥13,000 +TAX)
This reversible down vest boasts a generous urban cut and value oriented performance details making it ideal for light duty trekking, leisure travel, or the daily commute. We maximize the effectiveness of the insulation by sandwiching the down between two layers of lightweight nylon, then adding a third layer of more durable nylon. All of the fabrics utilized are tightly woven and extremely resistant to wind helping you to hold on to the heat your body naturally produces. With the use of different fabrics and a quilted or smooth face you get two very distinct looks; town or trail. The Colorado Vest is well suited to active travelers that require warmth, value, and versatility.

Down Print HAN-TEN (Price ¥12,300 +TAX)
Down Print Chan-Chan Ko (Price ¥10,200 +TAX)
A traditional short winter coat lined with lightweight and warm high quality down. The surface is water repellent and will help keep stains at bay. The lining is also treated with an antistatic finish to reduce unpleasant shocks. A convenient item you can slip on when traveling or relaxing around the home.

Women's Down Coats


Bernina Down Coat Women's (Price ¥24,500 +TAX)
This all-weather insulated coat boasts the highest level of insulation of all the women's coats at Montbell. The outer layer is made of Montbell's unique waterproof/breathable fabric and is fully seamed to protect against rain and snow. Filled with lightweight and warm down in a triple-layer construction for improved resistance to wind and keeping warmth. Features inner cuffs to add an extra layer of defense against the cold, making it perfect for traveling to the colder regions of the world.

Husky Coat Women's (Price ¥21,000 +TAX)
This warm coat is suited to travel, camping, use in town, and many other activities. Filled with lightweight and warm down in a triple-layer construction that boosts heat retention and improves wind resistance. The surface is treated with POLKATEX®, which repels light drizzles with ease and helps keep dirt and stains from adhering. The lining is also treated with an antistatic finish to reduce unpleasant shocks. The reverse of the collar is lined in a comfortable brushed fabric. The hood can be conveniently removed.

Winter Shirts


Wickron O.D. Shirt Men's (Price ¥7,000 +TAX) / Women's (Price ¥6,500 +TAX)
A soft shirt with just the right amount of thickness for just the right amount of warmth. Made with WICKRON for superior wicking and quick drying abilities. A brushed lining for the back of the neck keeps away the chill on cool spring and autumn days.

Wickron O.D. Shirt Long Women's (Price ¥6,700 +TAX)
A soft shirt with just the right amount of thickness for just the right amount of warmth. Made with WICKRON for superior wicking and quick drying abilities. A brushed lining for the back of the neck keeps away the chill on cool spring and autumn days.

Merino Wool Plus Striped High Neck Shirt Women's (Price ¥7,600 +TAX)
The MERINO WOOL PLUS™ series of garments are made with a blend of high quality wool and polyester. This combination blends the natural warmth and moisture controlling abilities of wool with polyester's wicking and quick drying abilities. Can be used as an inner layer during the winter and as an outer layer during summer treks in high altitudes and cool weather.

Knit Caps


Light Rib Knit Watch Cap (Price ¥1,700 +TAX)
Rib knit watch cap with excellent stretch.

Light Cable Knit Watch Cap (Price ¥1,800 +TAX)
Rib knit watch cap with an uneven look.

Light Jacquard Tibetan Cap (Price ¥2,900 +TAX)
Colorful Jacquard patterned Tibetan cap with chin straps.

Gloves and Gaiters


OutDry Ice Climbing Gloves (Price ¥10,500 +TAX)
These gloves feature excellent weather resistance and dexterity for the rigors of ice climbing. Designed to the specifications for gripping an ice axe and features padding in key locations to protect your knuckles and hand joints from occassional bumps on the wall. The outside of the glove is lined with warm Thinsulate™ and features a brushed polyester linner for maintaining warmth in low temperatures.

Jogger Gloves (Price ¥1,800 +TAX)
These running gloves feature excellent stretch which translates to an extremely well fitting pair of gloves. The glove's outer fabric features a warm brushed material and the palm features mesh for releasing built up heat and moisture during cold weather runs.