Frequently Asked Questions

Problems with the Site

Why can't I add certain items to the shopping cart?

There are certain items that we are unable to ship to certain countries. If you have selected your country while viewing an item and are unable to add the item to your cart, it means that we are unfortunately unable to ship that item to your country.

Why can't I proceed with checkout?

There are certain items that we are unable to ship to certain countries. If you added items to the shopping cart and changed your country during the checkout process, there are items in your shopping cart that can't be sent to the country your selected.

Why isn't my country listed? 

Though we offer international shipping to most of the world, we are unable to ship to every country on the planet. If you don't see your country listed, we are unable to ship to your country at this time.

Why do I need to select my country?

There are certain items that we are unable to ship to certain countries. By selecting your country you will be able to view all of the items we are able to ship to your selected country.

Payment Information

What payment method do you accept?

Our website currently accepts;
 •American Express

Shipping Information

What Shipping methods do you use?

International (Outside of Japan) : Japan Post Co., Ltd.
Domestic : Sagawa Express Co.,Ltd.
*Please note that shipping methods may change without prior notification.

Where do you ship to?

We will only ship to the locations listed in the drop down list located on the top of the webpage. We do NOT ship to locations that are not listed on the drop down list.

We also have international partners located throughout the world. Please check here for locations.

I placed an order online and used a freight forwarding service as my shipping address. I am having some trouble with my order, can Montbell help me out?

Please DO NOT use freight forwarding services when placing your order. If there is a problem with your order, we are UNABLE to help resolve any issues. Furthermore, once the package has been delivered to the shipping address provided, Montbell's policy is that the transaction is complete and we are no longer responsible for the delivery of the order. Also, if you are located in a location we do not ship to, we will not be able to help with returns, exchanges, or warranty isuues.

What should I do if an item in my cart cannot be shipped to my location?

Once you have proceeded to Check Out and have filled out the Billing & Shipping Information, the webpage will highlight any items that cannot be shipped. Please remove the item(s) from your shopping cart by clicking the Remove Button.

What are Montbell's shipping policy & rate quotes?

Please click here to check our shipping policy & international rates.

Montbell Club

What is the Montbell Club, how do I become a member?

You can become a Montbell Club Member simply by making a purchase via the Montbell online store or at a Montbell retail location. By becoming a Montbell Club Member, you will be eligible to accumulate points with every purchase, and then redeem points towards product discounts on future purchases. Montbell Club Members may also be eligible to receive email newsletters, and information regarding upcoming Montbell events.

Purchasing Information

How do I contact Montbell?

Please choose corporate or consumer.

What is Montbell's warranty & repair policy?

Please click here to check our warranty & repair policy.

What is Montbell's return & exchange policy?

Please click here to check our return & exchange policy.

Where does Montbell source its down?

At Montbell, we source down from both the European and Chinese markets to satisfy a variety of characteristics (supply/availability, low cost, consistent quality, humane practices, etc.) and maintain our lofty standards. Every season we seek to balance the superior quality for which we are known and the lowest possible raw materials cost. We change down sourcing companies frequently to insure that our customers have access to superior products at the lowest price possible. In the course of these efforts, Montbell never purchases down from operations that practice "live-plucking" methods. We only utilize down plumes and feathers collected as a by-product of water fowl raised to meet the demands of the food industry. We will continue to look for sources of down that maximize value to our customers and allow Montbell products to perform at the highest level.

Why do I see Western sized items online?

Please visit our About Us section to learn more about Montbell. Montbell is globally based in Osaka Japan. Each season Montbell strives to develop and offer the finest lightweight clothing and equipment available. In addition to our nationally distributed line of gear and clothing, we also design a variety of items for the international market. The majority of these "Western sized" items are featured at stores located in America and Switzerland and online at Montbell America and Montbell Switzerland. Please note Western sized items fit differently, carefully review the sizing chart or contact customer service if you are in need of sizing assistance. Unfortunately it is not possible to special order items from America or Switzerland.

Can I have my Down jacket or sleeping bag over-filled?

No. At this time, Montbell does not offer custom work or alterations.

Do you offer custom sizing or alterations?

No. At this time, Montbell does not offer custom work or alterations.

Japan Domestic

What payment method do you accept?

Our website currently accepts;
 •American Express
*Paypal, Bank Wire Transfers, and any other payment methods are not available at this time.
*Cash on Delivery is also available for Japan domestic shipment.

How long does it take for items marked as "Limited stock in Montbell stores" to ship?

After we receive your order, we check for availability at our retail locations. If an item is available it usually takes about 1 week before the item is shipped. We will contact you in cases when an item is unavailable and we cannot fulfill your order.

Can products be returned or exchanged at Montbell's retail locations?

Products purchased from Montbell Japan can be exchanged at Montbell retail locations in Japan. However, exchanges can only be made for items of an equal or greater value. Please understand that our retail locations are unable to handle returns.
If you don't see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.