Water moves through an unending cycle. The sun heats our oceans and seas, water vapor takes to the air forming clouds, eventually meeting mountains and turning back into snow and rain. Water trickles down the mountains, forming streams, flowing into rivers and return to the oceans and seas. As it runs, it brings with it nutrients, fertilizing the forests, fields and countrysides in its path.
“SEA TO SUMMIT” is an environmental event that has participants travel through the sea by kayak, the countryside by bicycle and hike up the mountain. This event encourages participants to reflect on the importance of the natural world and nature’s many cycles.

2019 SEA TO SUMMIT Schedule


1) Kaike-Daisen, May 25th- 26th

2) Lake Biwa Higashiomi, June 1st- 2nd

3) Etajima, June 15th- 16th

4) Okhotsk, June 22nd- 23rd

5)Mt. Myoko-Lake Nojiri, July 20th- 21th

6) Daisetsu Mt. Asahidake, August 24th- 25th

7) Mt. Chokai, August 31st- September 1st

8) Ehime Seiyo, September 7th- 8th

9) Bizen, September 21st- 22nd

10) Miyagi Kamimachi, October 5th- 6th

11) Okayama Kagamino, October 12th- 13th

12) Chikuma River-Mt. Kosha, October 26th- 27th

13) Mie Kihoku, November 9th- 10th

"SEA TO SUMMIT" sister event held in the USA

River 2 Ridge

"SEA TO SUMMIT" sister event "River 2 RIDGE" held in Salem City Oregon, on September 16th this year. This multi-sport event begins in Historic Downtown Salem on the banks of the Willamette River. From start to finish participants will see stunning beauty along the Willamette River, fertile farmlands, wine country and finish with the breath taking scenery of the world famous Silver Falls State Park.

Those who are interested in, check the website!

Nature's cycle and SEA TO SUMMIT

Nature's cycle

SEA TO SUMMIT started in 2009 in cooperation with local governments. The goal of starting SEA TO SUMMIT was twofold; to have participants reflect on the importance of nature while enjoying the outdoors and to help revitalize local areas through outdoor activities.
SEA TO SUMMIT is held over two days. On the first day an “Environmental Symposium” is held with guest speakers to lecturing on environmental issues. The main event is held on the second day comprised of three stages; water, countryside and mountain. The goal is not only for participants to have fun during a race, but rather to be surrounded by nature and reflect on your relationship with and the importance of the natural world. To reduce the environmental impact the event leaves, participants are limited to 300 participants. In addition, a portion of everyone’s entry fee is donated to the local government, which is put towards protecting the local environment.

SEA TO SUMMIT receives a special recognition from the Ministry of Environment’s “Good Life Award”


The goal of the “Good Life Award” is to discover and recognize people and organizations that are attempting to improve both society and environment. In 2015, SEA TO SUMMIT was nominated for the 3rd annual Good Life Award and received a special recognition.
SEA TO SUMMIT was recognized and received high praise for both the environmental symposium and the event itself. In addition, the event helped elevate environmental awareness in local communities.

2018 SEA TO SUMMIT Photo Report

Kaike-Daisen, May 19th- 20th>>>
Lake Biwa Higashiomi, June 2nd- 3rd>>>
Etajima, June 23rd- 24th>>>
Mt. Myoko-Lake Nojiri, July 21st- 22nd>>>
Daisetsu Mt. Asahidake, August 18th- 19th>>>
Mt. Chokai, August 25th- 26th>>>
Miyagi Kamimachi, October 6th- 7th>>>
Okayama Kagamino, October 14th- 15th>>>
Chikuma River-Mt. Kosha, October 20th- 21st>>>
Mie Kihoku, November 17th- 18th>>>

2017 SEA TO SUMMIT Photo Report

Kaike-Daisen, May 20th- 21st>>>
Lake Biwa Higashiomi, June 3rd- 4th>>>
Etajima, June 17th- 18th>>>
Sado Island, July 8th- 9th>>>
Mt. Myoko-Lake Nojiri, July 22nd- 23rd>>>
Daisetsu Mt. Asahidake, August 19th- 20th>>>
Mt. Chokai, August 26th- 27th>>>
Ehime Seiyo, September 23rd- 24th>>>
Yura River-Mt. Oe, September 30th- October 1st>>>
Miyagi Kamimachi【 Additional Event 】, October 8th- 9th>>>
Okayama Kagamino, October 14th- 15th>>>
Chikuma River-Mt. Kosha, October 21st- 22nd>>>
Mie Kihoku, November 11th- 12th>>>

2016 SEA TO SUMMIT Photo Report

Etajima, May 21st- 22nd>>>
Sado Island, June 25th- 26th>>>
Myoko / Nojiriko, July 23rd- 24th>>>
Daisetsu Asahidake, August 20th- 21st>>>
Chokai-san, August 27th- 28th>>>
Ehime Seiyo, September 24th- 25th>>>
Yuragawa Oe-yama, October 1st- 2nd>>>
Kaike Daisen, October 15th- 16th>>>
Mie Kihoku, November 12th- 13th>>>