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Introducing paper yarn based clothing "KAMICO"


"KAMICO" brings you an extra comfortness in hot and humid summer in Japan


「KAMI-ITO Plus」is an eco-friendly paper yarn made out of Manila Hemp and cotton. By utilizing paper yarn’s attributes of breathability, moisture absorbency, lightweight, and durability against water, KAMI-ITO Plus allows comfort and coolness even during the hottest seasons.

KAMI-ITO Plus, an eco-friendly paper yarn made out of Manila Hemp and cotton

The KAMI-ITO Plus is an eco-friendly fabric, using only OECO-TEX standard 100 (Germany: Ceres) certified Manila hemp, managed and raised in Ecuador farm. The manufacturing process is also conducted at an ISO certified factory in Japan, putting the Manila hemp fibers through pulping, paper-making, slitting, and twisting process to make a fine yet strong paper yarn.


At the factory, after the Manila hemp fiber is put through pulping and paper-making process, the paper sheet is slit and twisted into paper yarns. During the pulping process, cellulose (cells) of the Manila hemp fibers are extracted, using a highly safe solvent. The remaining solvent and fibers from the pulping process are then recycled as fuel within the facility, maintaining an eco-friendly environment.



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