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"Outdoor GIENTAI" for Rainstorm in Western Japan, 2018



As a result of our contribution request, we have been receiving a large number of relief supplies and donations from individuals and organizations in Japan and all over the world. Thank you very much for your support. Please see below for updated information regarding contribution implementation.This report does not reflect all details, but a collection of updates thus far. Further details will be available as events unfold.

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Message from the founder and CEO of Montbell

My thoughts are with all the people who have been affected by the rainstorm occurred in Western Japan in June 2018.

During the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Great East Japan Earthquake, and Kumamoto Earthquake, we humbly asked your support and contribution to help people who were affected by the earthquake. Once again, we humbly ask that you join us and provide support any way we can to help the people who have been affected by the rainstorm.

Isamu Tatsuno
Outdoor Support Team/Founder and CEO
Montbell Head Office
2-2-2 Shinmachi Nishi-Ku,
Osaka 550-0013 Japan

Activity update (2018/7/23)

July 21st

・Delivered safety glasses, masks, and portable toilets to Kure-shi, Hiroshima.

July 20th

・Delivered masks, tents, and tarps to CODE (Citizens towards Overseas Disaster Emergency), based in Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, and Uwajima-shi, Ehime.
・Delivered safety glasses, masks, and groves to Mabi-cho, Kurashiki, Okayama.




July 19th

・Delivered safety glasses, masks, tarps, and blind tent for portable toilets.

July 18th

・Provided fresh water and water reservoirs to people in Mabi-cho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama.



July 17th

・Delivered lanterns, head lights, and hats to PEACE BOAT Disaster Volunteer Center based in Mabi-sho, Kurashiki, Okayama.

July 14th

・Delivered T-shirts, pants, portable toilets, bottles, bandanas, and sleeping pads to Kure-shi, Hiroshima.



July 13th

・Delivered sleeping pads, T-shirts, pants, hats, and gloves to Saka-cho, Hiroshima.


July 12th

・Delivered T-shirts, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and purification bottles to Mabi-cho, Okayama.
・Delivered T-shirts, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and purification bottles to Mihara-shi, Hiroshima.




About Outdoor GIENTAI


"Outdoor GIENTAI" was formed at the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, occurred in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture on January 17, 1995, and provided humble contributions that we could make at that time. Donations and relief goods of apprx. 300 tons were collected all over Japan from individuals to corporatesand were distributed in the affected areas. Volunteer efforts were also organized.

A long-term support is required but we believe it's important to start with what we can do now, applying outdoor skills, knowledge, gears and clothing. We appreciate all your assistance and contribution.

Contact Information

c/o Montbell Co., Ltd.
Email: int@montbell.com