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The New Products of Spring & Summer 2019



Rain Wear


Storm Cruiser Jacket Men's ¥20,800 +TAX / Women's ¥20,800 +TAX
Montbell proudly presents our ninth generation Storm Cruiser, a piece fully expressing the materials knowledge and design skill accumulated since its original introduction 25 years ago. Feature rich, yet light in weight we pair 20-denier 3-layer C-Knit fabric with hand pockets, and full adjustability to offer leading edge 10-ounce rain gear. The use of our K-Mono Cut pattern reduces seam lines to insure a light design and minimize areas where water can breach your full coverage storm shell. Attention to small details in design and manufacturing has yielded a jacket with enhanced comfort, improved mobility, and light weight reliability.

Storm Cruiser Jacket DH Men's ¥22,400 +TAX / Women's ¥22,400 +TAX
The DH model features a detachable hood. The hood can be easily detached with its zipper and fasteners to free up the neck area, making it easier to pair the jacket with a waterproof hat.


Peak Dry Shell ¥22,800 +TAX
The Peak Dry Shell is Montbell's rainproof jacket that takes the waterproof breathable membrane that is normally on the inside of the jacket and puts it on the outer layer of the jacket. This construction in combination with GORE-TEX Shake Dry, creates a surface fabric that doesn't retain water, meaning that it won't get heavy by absorbing rain and the jacket dries exceptionally quickly. It also boasts excellent breathability, helping keeping you dry and comfortable even when you’re active. It demonstrates its true value on missions that don't require heavy packs like light mountain climbing and speed hikes.

Pack Wrap Rain Coat ¥11,000 +TAX
Even though this raincoat has a fitted silhouette, it is possible to carry a daypack and this raincoat takes the places of a pack cover. It is made with our original waterproof breathable material which is light and flexible. It can be stored compactly, making it convenient to carry around.



Altiplano Pack 20 ¥12,500 +TAX / 30 ¥14,800 +TAX / 40 ¥15,300 +TAX
What is required of a backpack during wilderness travel when adopting an ultra-light ethic Whether in search of speed on a challenging day hike or attempting multiple days on the trail the Altiplano Series fulfills the requirement; stable, comfortable fit, easy access storage, water proof, and yet light in weight. The combination of the Roll Up Closure and Aqua Barrier Sack offers an impressive level of waterproofness, while a minimalist mesh back panel delivers well placed cushioning, excellent airflow, and quick dry properties. Bottles, electronics, nutrition, glasses, etc. are easily stored in large pockets on the chest, waist, and sides insuring access to necessary items while on the move. The Roll Up Closure is simple, fast, and provides a large opening for easy packing and clean entry to the contents. Use the Aqua Barrier Sack to separate all important survival items (sleeping bag, down jacket, food, etc.) from wet shelters or rain gear. Ultra-light enthusiasts keen on shaving grams have the option of removing the internal dry sack and will appreciate the load control provided by the low profile frame sheet with horizontal stiffener.


Garwhar Pack 20 ¥8,100 +TAX / 25 ¥8,600 +TAX
A pack with a simple design combining both a light weight and durability, perfect for hiking day trips. It comes with a large pocket on the front and a daisy chain for attaching carabiners or other gear. The back panel and shoulder harnesses have excellent breathability for improved comfort.

Rurui Pack 23 ¥8,200 +TAX
A lightweight pack perfect for hiking and daily use, featuring an easy-to-use main compartment that can be opened and a roll-up closure. Featuring a simple design and made with materials that combine lightness and durability, this pack is amazingly easy to use. There is a large pocket on the front, and stretch pockets on both sides that are perfect for bottles.

Flat Iron Pack 23 ¥11,000 +TAX / 20 Women's ¥10,500 +TAX
Ideal for most done in a day activities. This light-weight, sporty pack incorporates mild compression and simple convenient pocketing to help you move light loads quickly through the backcountry. The foam and mesh back panel promotes moisture movement away from your skin, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.



Stellaridge Tent 1 Main Body ¥27,500 +TAX / Rain Fly 1 ¥11,500 +TAX
Stellaridge Tent 2 Main Body ¥29,200 +TAX / Rain Fly 2 ¥12,000 +TAX
Stellaridge Tent 3 Main Body ¥34,700 +TAX / Rain Fly 3 ¥14,800 +TAX
Stellaridge Tent 4 Main Body ¥37,500 +TAX / Rain Fly 4 ¥16,000 +TAX
Stellaridge Tent 6 Main Body with Rain Fly 6 ¥87,000 +TAX
The Stellaridge series has long been used by many alpinists and outdoor enthusiasts over the years. The Stellaridge has been updated with a newly developed material for the main body and the rainfly, delivering world-class lightness and stability, demonstrating its true value in the harsh environments. Our original pole-to-tent attachment makes it possible to set it up quickly even in times of heavy winds.

Mighty Dome 1 ¥52,900 +TAX / 2 ¥59,900 +TAX
This single-wall tent delivers world-class levels of lightness and compactness. Using BREEZE DRY-TEC Plus, which has outstanding waterproof moisture permeability and breathability, the Mighty Dome series is perfect for use both when mountaineering or touring by bicycle. Comes with staff sacks for the main body, poles and pegs.


Luna Dome 2 ¥46,000 +TAX
The Rera Dome's spacious interior is created using our original frame structure which holds up the sides almost vertically. In addition, the tent and the rainfly are made with a newly developed material for the main body and the rainfly, giving it excellent lightness and stability as a mountaineering tent.


Light Weight Tarp ¥15,800 +TAX / Wide ¥21,800 +TAX
A spacious, rectangular tarp. Made with a newly developed nylon that balances lightness and durability. It is resistant to stretching and absorbing water, meaning the fabric stays tensioned and won’t sag down with moisture. It comes with loops that can be used with trekking poles, allowing you to set up the tarp according to the conditions you’re in. Suitable for five to six people.


Soleil Screen ¥73,000 +TAX
The Soleil Screen is a free standing tarp sized to fit four to six people, a perfect size when camping with friends and family. The way the poles are constructed allow the walls to stand almost vertically, creating a spacious room for even large numbers of people to relax in.


Pop-up Blind M ¥8,800 +TAX / L ¥9,800 +TAX
A pop-up tent that can be set up and taken down quickly. Perfect for outdoor events, tours or in times of natural disasters. This tent's uses aren’t just limited to temporary restroom or a place to change clothes, it can also be used as a shower room by inserting a showerhead into the corner of the canopy.



Trail Flyer Men's ¥12,000 +TAX / Women's ¥11,700 +TAX
These lightweight shoes are perfect for trail running and speed hiking. Mesh with excellent breathability is used on all surfaces.

Trail Flyer Reel Adjust Men's ¥14,900 +TAX / Women's ¥14,600 +TAX
Lightweight shoes equipped with a Reel Adjust System based on Trail Flyers. *Not waterproof. *The materials of each part is the same as Trail Flyers.

Lapland Strider Men's ¥13,800 +TAX / Women's ¥13,500 +TAX
All-weather shoes with an outstandingly light, soft, and comfortable fit perfect for low mountain trekking and camping. The upper is made using GORE-TEX fabric, which boasts the world's highest level of waterproof breathability.

Mariposa Trail Low Men's ¥17,500 +TAX / Women's ¥17,200 +TAX
These all weather shoes can be used in a variety of situations. Be it walking in the park or running on your favorite backcountry trail. The Mariposa Trail Low uses the Reel Adjust System for easy on and off. Lightweight and flexible, these shoes have excellent fit, compatible with a wide range of foot sizes. We are able to do this by combining a wide foot bed and a heel and arch that grips the foot.

Crag Stepper Men's ¥15,800 +TAX / Women's ¥15,500 +TAX
Shoes for any weather with excellent durability. These shoes can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as approach shoes, hiking, strolling through nature or even while camping. The upper is made using GORE-TEX fabric, which boasts the world’s highest level of waterproof breathability. Covering the scuff-prone front foot area and heel with 1.6 mm thick suede leather provides just the right level of firmness and an outstanding resistance to wear and tear.



Wickron Cool Cycle Jersey #1 ¥8,800 +TAX / #2 ¥8,800 +TAX
Outstanding breathability and wicking ability makes this cycle jersey comfortable even in summer. The fabric has small mountains and valleys to improve fit when worn next to the skin.

Wickron Cycle Bib Shorts ¥8,200 +TAX
These bib shorts are made of durable and stretchy fabric that resists UV degradation. Bib shorts do not press on the abdomen, reducing pressure on the wearer for a comfortable feel. Built-in 3D stretch pad offers outstanding cushioning, breathability and stretch.

Cycle Leg Covers ¥4,100 +TAX
Leg covers that are highly effective at reducing UV exposure, just what you need to help prevent sunburn when out cycling in summer. You can also comfortably wear this in times of intense activity, as it uses highly elastic, antibacterial material that both wicks away moisture for quicker drying.

Cycle Arm Covers ¥2,500 +TAX
Arm covers that are highly effective at reducing UV exposure, just what you need to help prevent sunburn when out cycling in summer. You can also comfortably wear this in times of intense activity, as it uses highly elastic, antibacterial material that both wicks away moisture for quicker drying.

Cycle Rain Knickers ¥17,000 +TAX
Rainwear for use on bicycles made with the GORE-TEX Paclite Plus product technology featuring one of the highest levels of waterproof breathability in the world. Attention to detail of the width of the seam tape paved the way for outstanding lightweight compactness.



Mountain Jersey Jacket Men's ¥6,500 +TAX / Women's ¥6,200 +TAX
The Mountain Jersey Jacket is made with a very thick, airy, stretchy material that has been stitched up into two layers. This combination of features makes the material breathable, yet warm helping to prevent becoming cold from cooling persipiration. Suitable for a wide variety of activities, such as trekking and walking.

Cool Short Sleeve Trail Zip Shirt Women's ¥3,500 +TAX
This zip-up shirt is exceptionally lightweight and doesn't cling to the body, keeping you dry and comfortable even while sweating. Effectively protects against UV exposure, even in strong sunlight, and the fabric's breathability helps quickly cool down the body. The zipper allows you to easily regulate your temperature.

Cool Short Sleeve Trail Zip Shirt Women's ¥4,900 +TAX
Putting Wickron into highly flexible rib stitching gives this open-collar long-sleeve t-shirt outstanding elasticity. The fabric breathes well and the width has just the right amount of give, making it refreshing and relaxing to wear even in mid summer. The collar features button fasteners.


Wickron Dry Touch Short Sleeve Dress ¥5,600 +TAX / Kid's
This button-down shirt is made using seersucker fabric that features a unique uneven surface texture. This texture adds space between the fabric and the skin to reduce cling and keep you refreshingly cool and comfortable. This shirt is quick drying, wrinkle resistant, and keeps its shape, making it ideal for extended travel and as casual workwear.

Wickron Dry Touch Short Sleeve Dress ¥5,600 +TAX / Women's ¥5,200 +TAX
This button-down shirt is made using seersucker fabric that features a unique uneven surface texture. This texture adds space between the fabric and the skin to reduce cling and keep you refreshingly cool and comfortable.

Meadow Shirt ¥7,600 +TAX
While this shirt is thin and is outstandingly breathable, it is also made with a highly durable material. The cotton-like texture of the surface feels great against the skin, and it has been peach skin processed, making it difficult for wrinkles to form. It also has a water-absorbent finish, helping to prevent the garment from sticking to you even when perspiring.



Stretch Light Pants Men's ¥6,500 +TAX / Women's ¥6,300 +TAX
These simple, yet lightweight trekking garments are perfect whether logging high mileage days on the trail or tackling weekend errands around town. By introducing durable stretch properties to a classic nylon fabric we offer you comfortable abrasion resistant pants with understated styling.

Convertible Pants Men's ¥7,900 +TAX / Women's ¥7,700 +TAX
Convertible Cargo Pants Men's ¥8,600 +TAX
Zippers give you the option to wear these as shorts, making these pants perfect for fluctuating temperatures. They separate at the knees, are thin yet flexible and resilient, and are made with water repellent material. The pant legs can be reattached to either left or right side.

Wickron Relax Pants ¥3,700 +TAX
With a gentle cotton-like texture, these pants are excellent at wicking moisture from the surface of the skin, making them smooth and comfortable to wear. You can use them in a variety of scenarios, such as when sleeping in a tent or mountain hut, or just as loungewear.


KAMICO allows comfort and coolness even during the hottest seasons.


KAMICO Open Collared Shirt Men's ¥6,200 +TAX
KAMI-ITO, paper yarn in Japanese, is made out of Mitsumata Kouzo, or Hemp paper, slit and twisted into yarn. KAMI-ITO has long been made and is recently receiving attention again as an eco-friendly material.

KAMICO Easy Shorts Men's ¥4,300 +TAX
KAMICO Skirt ¥4,800 +TAX
Outstanding breathability and non-clinginess makes these shorts perfect for summer use. Lightweight, these pants are suitable for relaxing at home or on vacation.

KAMICO Knit Tie ¥4,200 +TAX
This is a necktie incorporating KAMI-ITO plus, which feels cool to the touch. You can use this refreshing, cool fabric during summer trips and business scenarios.

KAMICO Trekking Socks ¥1,950 +TAX
KAMICO Sawer Climb Socks ¥2,000 +TAX
These socks are made with KAMI-ITO plus, a material that is especially breathable and feels cool to the touch.

Kid's Baby's


Mountain Jersey Jacket Kid's 100-120 ¥4,500 +TAX / 130-160 ¥4,900 +TAX
Mountain Jersey Pants Kid's 100-120 ¥3,400 +TAX / 130-160 ¥3,700 +TAX
These jackets and pants are made with a highly functional material of medium thickness with excellent elasticity. Made using WickronZEO, which releases heat effectively and prevents sweat from cooling. The fabric dries impeccably quick, allowing for a comfortable wearing experience even when sweaty.

Wind Blast Jacket Kid's 100-120 ¥3,500 +TAX / 130-160 ¥3,900 +TAX
This pocketable windbreaker can be stored compact and it is easy to carry around. Although it feels light, it is great protection from the wind. The fabric is treated with POLKATEX, which readily repels light rain.

Stretch O.D. Wrap Shorts Kid's 100-120 ¥3,600 +TAX / 130-160 ¥4,000 +TAX
This knee length short looks like a wrap-around skirt and utilizes a 2-way stretch fabric to provide excellent mobility, while the simple lines and cut integrate nicely with an active lifestyle.

Detachable Screen Hat Kid's ¥3,100 +TAX
This hat comes with a shade that is effective at blocking sun exposure to the neck. The sides of the hat features a mesh with outstanding breathability, making it comfortable to wear even in during the hottest parts of summer. The sun shade is removable. You can adjust the fit of the hat with the draw cord behind the head.

Lapland Boots Kid's ¥7,400 +TAX
Sturdy all-weather boots, perfect for mountain climbing and hiking. By using waterproof breathable fabric, even if your child walks through puddles or mud, water won't be able to penetrate into the shoe.


Pocketable Baby Carrier ¥5,900 +TAX
A pocketable baby carrier. This light carrier can be stored compactly, making it convenient to carry around. There are two ways to wear it on the front or on the back. It places the load on your waist, helping to stop you from getting worn out.



Protection Light Logger Pants ¥19,200 +TAX
Pants for forestry that feature chainsaw protection techonlogies on the front of both legs, which could be exposed to chainsaw blades. Using thin material makes them perfect for hot weather. The surface material is Ballistic® Ultra, which is lightweight and highly durable. The back features a thin, elastic material.

Cool Logger Shirt ¥4,800 +TAX
With outstanding breathability, this shirt for forestry is perfect for working in hot weather. It dries impeccably fast to maintain comfort and the fabric doesn't stick to the skin even when perspiring heavily. It features functionality to help the wearer work comfortably, such as ventilation to release humidity.

Protection Logger Gloves ¥5,800 +TAX
Gloves for forestry use that combine both excellent functionality and protection. The back of the hands features materials that have outstanding breathability and strength, and the palms are made with goat leather, which has a smooth fit and high durability.

Field Wear


Field Apron ¥6,300 +TAX
An apron that is easy to move in, perfect for working in the fields or gardening. It is worn over the shoulders, making it more comfortable than wearing around the neck, especially when weight is being put into the pockets. It falls just below the knees, meaning that it won’t get dirty even when doing work on your knees. It also comes with 6 pockets for storing items small and large.

Field Monpe Women's ¥5,800 +TAX
These pants are a take on traditional work pants that have been made to be easy to move in, with attention paid to the silhouette and materials. They are made with an original material that has just the right amount of elasticity, bringing loose hems and sleeves into an fitted silhouette, allowing the wearer to smoothly raise their leg or bend down.

Field Hat ¥5,000 +TAX
A sun hat with a large visor that comfortably covers the face to the back of the neck. You can adjust the fit of the screen with the cord placed behind the head or even remove it when it’s not needed. You can change the shape of the visor according to the circumstances, meaning it won’t get in the way when you’re working inside your house. Mesh is used from the sides of the hat to the back, ensuring breathability.

Sleeping Bag


Down Hugger 800 Half Length #1 ¥25,700 +TAX / #3 ¥19,000 +TAX / #5 ¥15,800 +TAX
By adopting a classic tailor's trick, using only the best materials available, and re-imagining a trusted mountaineering concept, Montbell has brought unparalleled comfort and thermal efficiency to minimalist backpackers and alpine climbing enthusiasts with our Down Hugger Half Length Series.

BREEZE DRY-TEC PLUS Sleeping Bag Cover ¥17,800 +TAX
An outstandingly lightweight and compact sleeping bag cover made with our original waterproof breathable fabric BREEZE DRY-TEC Plus. With excellent breathability and air permeability, this cover keeps sleeping bags dry and comfortable. Since this sleeping bag cover is made with 2-layer Breeze Drytec Plus, it can't be used without a sleeping bag. Stuff sack included.

BREEZE DRY-TEC Sleeping Bag Cover ¥11,000 +TAX
An outstandingly lightweight and compact sleeping bag cover made with our original waterproof breathable fabric with excellent breathability and air permeability. Since this sleeping bag cover is made with 2-layer Breeze Drytec, it can't be used without a sleeping bag. Stuff sack included.

Travel Bag


Tri Pack Mini ¥10,800 +TAX
Utility Bag ¥9,600 +TAX
Utility Day Pack ¥10,200 +TAX
These business bags are perfect for the daily commute or when traveling for work. The internal pockets are organized for carrying your notes, pens, phone and laptop.

Brief Case A4 ¥4,600 +TAX
A lightweight briefcase that can store notebooks, tablets, and small amounts of documents. Designed so it fits into the other business bags in our lineup.

Dry Shoulder S ¥3,400 +TAX / M ¥4,200 +TAX / L ¥4,700 +TAX
A shoulder bag you can use with peace of mind even when the rain is really coming down. The outstandingly waterproof fabric is joined together by welded seams, preventing water penetration.

Trail Lumbar Pack 4 ¥4,300 +TAX / 7 ¥4,500 +TAX
This lightweight waist bag is most suited to hiking and walking. The ability to adjust the side compression straps give you exceptional stability. A sporty yet functional waist bag.



Alpine Pole ¥4,600 +TAX / Anti Shock ¥5,000 +TAX

Alpine Pole Cam Lock ¥4,800 +TAX / Anti Shock ¥5,200 +TAX

Alpine Carbon Pole ¥7,500 +TAX / Anti Shock ¥7,800 +TAX

2way Grip Carbon Pole Anti shock ¥7,800 +TAX

Trekking Photo Pole ¥5,900 +TAX

Alpine Folding Pole ¥7,300 +TAX



Stream Glasses BC ¥10,500 +TAX / Stream Glasses ¥7,800 +TAX
Lightweight sunglasses with a large single lens that expands your range of vision and help stop wind from getting in. The frame is patterned to better fit persons with a shallow nose bridge and higher cheekbones and the nose pads has 2 levels of adjustment for improved comfort.

Trail Glasses Small Lens ¥6,000 +TAX / Wide Lens ¥6,000 +TAX
Sunglasses with lenses that can be switched in accordance with changes in the field. Delivers an outstandingly light weight and excellent fit.

Clip On Sunglasses Round PL ¥2,000 +TAX / Square ¥2,000 +TAX
These clip-on sunglasses are easy to take on and off, and you can flip them up when you’re not using them.These glasses feature polarizing lenses that improve clarity and reduce glare.



EX Power Head Lamp ¥5,800 +TAX
A high-function, high-output head lamp equipped with one white LED with a brightness of up to 700 lumens. Power can be supplied to the light via two different methods, via the included removable battery pack (4 AA batteries) or a separate mobile battery pack (sold separately).

Power Head Lamp ¥2,900 +TAX
An incredibly bright headlamp that boasts a brightness of 200 lumens and covers a distance of 90 m. It is powered by three AAA batteries. It also features a boost mode, allowing it to light distances of 120 m with a brightness of 335 lumens while the power button is pressed. It contains one high-brightness white LED allowing for a wide range of vision while walking, and two warm light LEDs that are easy on the eyes.

Power Bank Lantern ¥6,000 +TAX / Warm ¥6,000 +TAX
High-brightness 600-lumen lantern with white LEDs. It is USB rechargeable. Featuring an economical, compact design and a simple movable shade, this lantern comes with a hook on the bottom for hanging it up, such as on the inside of your tent.



Camera Shoulder Bag M ¥7,500 +TAX / L ¥8,200 +TAX
A roll-up shoulder bag with excellent user-friendliness and waterproofing, preventing your camera and equipment from getting wet on rainy days.

Light Photo Shoulder Bag S ¥4,800 +TAX / M ¥5,000 +TAX / L ¥5,300 +TAX
This ultralight camera bag boasts functionality in a variety of situations, from everyday life to trekking.

Protection Inner Bag S ¥2,500 +TAX / M ¥2,800 +TAX / L ¥3,500 +TAX
An inner bag that protects cameras and other precision equipment from impacts.

Protection Pack in Bag ¥3,800 +TAX
An inner bag that protects cameras and other precision equipment from impacts and shocks. Lightweight, yet shock absorbing material is used, and its top handle makes it easy to pick it up out of your daypack.



Chest Tackle Pack ¥9,800 +TAX
This unique fishing item features wide range of options to match to your fishing style. This modular system can be worn in several different ways; like a vest, as a belt or attached to your favorite backpack.

Light Angler Pack ¥6,800 +TAX
A lightweight sling pack for fishing. This monopod style allows you to quickly swing the pack around to the front for easy acces. You can put the shoulder belt over either your right or left arm whichever you prefer.

Wading Shoes ¥12,800 +TAX
Lightweight fishing boots with outer soles made using AQUA GRIPPER, preventing slips even on moss and wet rocks. They feature an easy fit system that allows them to be taken off and put on easily.



Trail Water Pack 1.5L ¥3,000 +TAX / 2.0L ¥3,100 +TAX / 3.0L ¥3,300 +TAX
A hydration bladder with a tube that allows you to drink when you’re on the go no need to put your backpack down.

Stainless Thermo Tumbler 400 ¥1,800 +TAX
A tumbler with impeccable performance at keeping its contents hot or cold, thanks to its highly insulating two-layer vacuum structure and its reflective finish that stops heat flow.



NOFUDE Set ¥8,500 +TAX
Enjoy Asian-style calligraphy in outdoor field! The Nofude set was designed and developed by Takashi Aoyagi, who is 4th generation of Houkendo(Est.1939), a calligraphy specialty store in Asakusa, Tokyo. “No” means “in oudoor”, and fude means “Calligraphy”. Literally, this set is best designed for enjoying writing Asian-style calligraphy in outdoor field.