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Introducing Bamboo fiber based clothing "TAKE FIBER PLUS"


Smooth texture and feels comfortable


Feels cool and pleasant to the touch
Bamboo fibers’ natural ability to control moisture and its antibacterial properties offer a refreshing feel. Its firm texture reduces wrinkles, making it perfect for travel.

Eco-Friendly fabric
A significant percentage of the yarns used to make this fabric have an origin in bamboo. Bamboo being readily available and quick to grow puts less stress on the environment.


- Bamboo is retted, a process used to retrieve the inner soft fiber, and then spun into a thread.
- Sized into the same thickness as the cotton thread and blended together making Take Fiber Plus.
- Made into colorful aloha shirts with a cool, refreshing feel.



Aloha shirt with a dry, non-clingy texture for a refreshing feel. Rigid enough to prevent wrinkles, this shirt is perfect for travel. Choose from an assortment of designs based on nature and outdoor activities. Buttons are made from bamboo for a natural and smooth texture.