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Fall & Winter 2019-2020 NEW PRODUCTS



Alpine Wear


Powder Step Parka Men's ¥15,400 +TAX / ②Women's ¥15,400 +TAX
The Powder Step Parka is our stripped down skip jacket. Developed using our proprietary waterproof breathable material DRYTEC® and 50g of our proprietary synthetic insulation Exceloft.

Powder Hop Parka Men's ¥18,800 +TAX / ④Women's ¥18,800 +TAX
The Powder Hop Parka is the older sibling of the Powder Step Parka. Designed to be a streamlined ski jacket, developed using our proprietary waterproof breathable material DRYTEC® and 100g of our proprietary synthetic insulation Exceloft.

DRY-TEC Insulated Light Pants Men's ¥12,000 +TAX / ⑥Women's ¥12,000 +TAX
The DRY-TEC Insulated Light Pants is paired perfectly with the Powder Step Parka. Developed using our proprietary waterproof breathable material DRYTEC and 40g of Thinsulate, these pants feature edge guards, side ventilation zips and inner gaiters for keeping out snow.


3in1 Fall Line Parka Men's ¥25,800 +tax / ②Women's ¥25,800 +tax
This 3-in-1 style jacket has a waterproof outer shell and an synthetic insulation liner. The outer shell is made using Montbell's original waterproof breathable material, DRYTEC. The liner uses EXCELOFT, a synthetic insulation which has better insulating properties when wet compared to down.



Ignis Down Parka Men's ¥33,000 +tax / ②Women's ¥31,000 +tax
The latest edition to Montbell's collection of 1000 fill power down garments is the Ignis Down Parka. We envisioned a versatile, premium down sweater and the R&D department did not disappoint.


Superior Down Parka Women's ¥15,500 +TAX
Meticulous refinement over the last decade has led to our new Superior Down Series! Prized by budget conscious backcountry enthusiasts around the world, the Superior Down Series is “what you need” when a versatile warm layer is critical, minimal weight is paramount, and space in your pack is at a premium.

U.L. Thermawrap Jacket Women's ¥10,700 +TAX / ③U.L. Thermawrap Parka Women's ¥11,900 +TAX
The UL Thermawrap Parka is our cool weather middle layer that excels in mixed conditions. For the Fall 2019, we have retooled this classic ultralight garment with a roomier fit, strategically placed stretch fabric and 40 gram stretch synthetic insulation. These refinements helped us produce a more fluid, comfortable hoody that layers effectively within your quiver of climbing apparel.

U.L. Thermawrap Vest Women's ¥7,900 +TAX
The Thermawrap Series is a cut above when in need of a lightweight midlayer that delivers thermal performance in less than optimal conditions.

Fleece Jacket


CLIMAPLUS Shearling Lined Jacket Men's ¥13,200 +TAX / ②Women's ¥12,600 +TAX
The Climaplus Shearling is Montbell's warmest fleece fabric. This air permeable fleece is well suited to use as a mid layer. We've added a wind resistant liner to increase this garment's ability to be used as an outer jacket in cooler weather.

CLIMAPLUS Shearling Jacket Men's ¥8,800 +TAX / ④Women's ¥8,200 +TAX
The Climaplus Shearling Jacket is Montbell's warmest fleece garment. This air permeable fleece is well suited to use as a mid layer. Unlike real shearling wool, the use of synthetic fibers means that his garment will wick away moisture and dry quickly. The other advantage is that synthetic fibers don't have the bulk or weight of real shearling wool.

CLIMAPLUS Shearling Vest Men's ¥7,100 +TAX / ⑥Women's ¥6,800 +TAX
The Climaplus Shearling Vest is Montbell's warmest fleece garment. This air permeable fleece is well suited to use as a mid layer.

Soft Shell


Trail Shell Jacket ¥8,400 +tax
This jacket is perfect for a lot of uses, thanks to the combination of a stretchy, lightweight outer shell fabric combined with a warm, breathable lightweight fleece liner. It perfect for use as a middle layer during winter and as an outer jacket when hiking during the cooler months of spring and fall.

Crag Parka Men's ¥10,300 +tax / Women's ¥9,800 +tax
This all-season, all-mountain soft shell offers lightweight and versatile protection from modest winds and precipitation. Ideally suited for any cool weather activity where breathability, flexibility, and abrasion resistance trump water proofing. The Crag Parka employs uncomplicated lines and high stretch fabrics to keep you in comfort.

Pants and Skirt


Core Spun Cargo Pants Men's ¥8,200 +TAX
Made using stretchy thread as the weft, this high-density woven pant balances stretchiness, wind-proofing, and insulation. The gusseted crotch and articulated knees make raising a leg effortless.

Core Spun Corduroy Pants Women's ¥8,000 +TAX
These stylish pants are made with corduroy. Heavier weight corduroy is warm, has excellent abrasion resistance and dries quickly, making them perfect for everyday use and travel.

Core Spun Rambler Skirt ¥4,700 +TAX
The right amount of stretchiness makes this knee-length skirt very easy to move around in. A slit in the back of the skirt helps when raising your legs.

Stretch Thermo Denim 12oz ¥9,700 +TAX
This model from the Stretch Denim series features brushed fabric on the inside of the pant which helps prevent the sudden "chill" you feel when you put on a cold pair of jeans.


Para Trousers ¥10,200 +tax
These wheel chair specific pants were built using our knowledge and experience of developing outdoor pants. The knees and seat of the pants are also formed to the natural sitting pattern, reducing extra fabric. The fabric will stretch and doesn't feel restrictive. Features a durable water repellent coating for light rain and resisting stains.

Long Sleeve Shirts and Base Layers


Merino Wool Plus Action Long Sleeve T Men's ¥7,800 +TAX / Women's ¥7,300 +TAX
Merino Wool Plus Action Zip Neck Men's ¥9,300 +TAX / Women's ¥8,500 +TAX
Merino Wool Plus Striped Long Sleeve T Men's ¥8,700 +TAX / Women's ¥8,300 +TAX
Merino Wool Plus High Neck Shirt Men's ¥8,300 +TAX / Women's ¥7,700 +TAX
The MERINO WOOL PLUS™ series of garmets are made with a blend of high quality wool and polyester. This combination blends the natural warmth and moisture controlling abilities of wool with polyester's wicking and quick drying abilities. Can be used as an inner layer during the winter and as an outer layer during summer treks in high altitudes and cool weather.

Merino Wool Plus Hybrid Zip Shirt Men's ¥9,000 +TAX / Women's ¥8,200 +TAX
The front features MERINO WOOL PLUS™, which offers outstanding heat retention, and the back features wickron® ZEO Thermal, which wicks moisture and keeps you dry. Suitable for year-round use.

Super Merino Wool Middle Weight V-Neck Shirt Men's ¥6,500 +TAX
Middle weight SUPER MERINO WOOL offers the same stellar moisture management and thermal properties that traditional wool is famous for, while reaching new levels of refinement and luxury. Our most versatile wool base layer is ideally suited for moderate exertion in cool to cold weather.



Alpine Tech Gloves Men's ¥17,900 +TAX / Women's ¥17,900 +TAX
The technical gloves feature both excellent waterproofing and insulating abilities. The thin outer layer also means that the glove is quick to dry, lightweight and also flexible, making it great for a variety of winter activities.

Alpine Gloves Men's ¥14,000 +TAX / Women's ¥14,000 +TAX
A winter mountaineering glove with a wool glove liner, designed for warmth in cold conditions and durability to last. Fingers are designed to be dexterous enough for complicated tasks.

Winter Leather Gloves ¥15,500 +TAX
This goat leather glove has an excellent balance of flexibility and durability. This glove when used in combination with the wool liner provides the warmth needed for outdoor activities. This glove does have a break in period and will become more flexible over time.


WINDSTOPPER Thermal Gloves Men's ¥4,300 +TAX / Women's ¥4,300 +TAX
A heavier weighted version of the WINDSTOPPER® Trekking series, uses a thicker stretchable fabric combined with Windstopper to create a great fitting, windproof glove with excellent breathability.

CLIMAPLUS Knit Gloves Men's ¥2,500 +TAX / Women's ¥2,500 +TAX
This glove boasts excellent warmth for their weight and they have a soft brushed lining that helps retain warmth. They also have that "old sweater" look to them that made the Climatweed Knit Glove so popular, making them perfect for everyday use around town.



Trail Lander Men's ¥13,800 +TAX / Women's ¥13,500 +TAX
These waterproof shoes are perfect for trail running and speed hikes. The upper of this shoe features mesh integrated with GORE-TEX Invisible Fit.The sole features a unique pattern for the sole that improves grip and a midsole that is both lightweight and has a high level of cushioning.


Alpine Cruiser 2800 ¥42,800 +TAX
These boots provide the strength and heat insulation needed for snowy climbing from autumn to spring. Compatible with hybrid style crampons. *Not compatible with step-in crampons.

Alpine Cruiser 2500 Men's ¥34,800 +TAX / Women's ¥34,500 +TAX
Boots for all-around use, whether hiking from spring to autumn, or on snowy winter hills. These boots provide excellent right to left ankle support while still offering front to back freedom for comfortable walking.

Alpine Cruiser 2300 Men's ¥24,800 +TAX / Women's ¥24,500 +TAX
This lightweight model is perfect for multi-day peak travel and can even be used in situations in winter where there is little snow at lower elevation. The upper utilizes a material that has great durability and just the right amount of breathability. Combining this with GORE-TEX Fabrics creates a waterproof/breathable boot. Suede leather reinforcements have been strategically placed on areas of the shoe for increased durability.


Cortina Boots Men's ¥13,500 +TAX / Women's ¥13,000 +TAX
The Cortina Boots are lightweight winter boots for women. Perfect for travel or everyday use.Upper: Snow has a hard time sticking to this supple fabric. In additional, leather has been used to reinforce durability. The foot is enclosed in a waterproof breathable liner inside the boot.Insulation: Extremely thin and warm Thinsulate.

Thermaland Boots Men's ¥10,800 +TAX / Women's ¥10,500 +TAX
The short boots are perfect for travel or use everyday during the winter months. The upper is made with waterproof/breathable material that is soft that has a smooth outer surface which is great for situations when you don't want snow sticking to your shoes. The boots also feature our proprietary insulation which is durable, warm and maintains its insulative properties even when wet.

Neige Walker Men's ¥13,900 +TAX / Women's ¥13,600 +TAX
This water- and cold-resistant shoes are ideal for use with snow shoes or when trekking in low mountains in the winter. The uppers feature a material that keeps snow from adhering, with reinforcing to prevent slippage on the sides.

Frost Walker Men's ¥12,900 +TAX
This waterproof low-cut shoe is designed simply with winter travel and everyday use in mind. The upper material is flexible and sheds snow easily. A thin layer of Thinsulate on the inside of the shoe helps keep your feet warm.

Logan Boots ¥12,500 +TAX
When there is work to be done outside, but there is a foot or so of snow on the ground, good winter boots are a necessity for everyday life. The winter boots are made with an upper fabric that is a lightweight insulation. The inner boot feature a mix of fleece material and foam to create a warm, well fitting inner boot.

Snow Equipment


Avalanche Probe 240 ¥5,900 +TAX / ②Avalanche Probe 280 ¥6,400 +TAX
A lightweight ratchet button avalanche probe that can be instantly put together. Pull the tension cord to automatically lock the ratchet buttons and expand the item. Now there’s no need to deal with complex assembly instructions. The shaft contains tick marks in increments of 10cm.

Alpine Glasses ¥10,000 +TAX
Glacier glasses are used in situations where the double threat of high elevation (less atmosphere to filter UV rays) combined with snow (creates a reflective surface for more UV Rays) necessitate the need for eye protection. These sunglasses have a leather nose cover and side covers to help protect your eyes from the harsh light that you can encounter in winter alpine situations.

Pocketable Ski Case ¥4,200 +TAX
This ingenious little case makes travel and transport a breeze whether you prefer sleek Nordic skis or fat backcountry skis with burly bindings. The bottom part of the case transforms into a stuff sack for easy storage while you revel in winter's white glory.

Stellaridge 1 Snowfly ¥17,500 +TAX / Stellaridge 2 Snowfly ¥18,500 +TAX / Stellaridge 3 Snowfly ¥21,000 +TAX / Stellaridge 4 Snowfly ¥23,000 +TAX / Stellaridge 6 Snowfly ¥32,000 +TAX
This snowfly provides increased protection against wind & cold for the Stella Ridge and X-TREK Mighty Dome lines and can be used in snow cover. Features highly weather-resistant fabric.

Kid's and Baby's


Light Thermawrap Parka Kid's 100-120 ¥6,500 +TAX / 130-160 ¥7,000 +TAX
With just the right amount of insulation, this lightweight insulated parka is great for a variety of uses. Exceloft, Montbell's original synthetic insulation, dries quickly. The jacket has a fitted silhouette and is easy to move around in thanks to stretch fabric on the elbows. Because the hood is removable, depending on the day's activities, your child can wear it as a jacket or a parka.

Print Cotton Sweatshirt Kid's 100-120 ¥3,500 +TAX / 130-160 ¥3,700 +TAX
This sweatshirt is well suited for relaxing by the fireplace on a cold winter day. The fabric is made or a cotton and polyester blend and becomes more and more comfortable as you break it in.

Cliff Pants Kid's 100-120 ¥5,400 +TAX / 130-160 ¥5,900 +TAX
These medium weight pants are very easy to move around in, making them perfect for you child's climbing, hiking or camping trips. The pants feature 4-way stretch fabric, gussets on the inside of the leg and slight articulation in the knees. We've also utilized a durable fabric for abrasion resistance and the outside surface of the pants have a durable water repellent coating.

Snow Goggles Kid's S ¥2,800 +TAX / Snow Goggles Kid's M ¥2,800 +TAX
These children's goggles are perfect for snow sports. The lens helps provide clear vision for your child, while protecting their eyes from snow. These goggles also feature rubber texture on the strap to help prevent it from shifting positions when worn with a helmet. *May not be compatible with all helmets.

Fall Line Helmet Kid's ¥4,900 +TAX
A snow sports helmet that is designed to fit persons with rounder heads. Ventilation on the top of the helmet allows for improved air circulation. The helmet comes with detachable ear warmers and a dial adjustor on the back of the head.

Alpine Pole Kid's ¥4,200 +TAX
An I-shape grip trekking pole for perfect for hiking and skiing, designed specifically for children. The grip is sized to easily accommodate a child's hands. The basket is detachable and a snow basket can be attached for winter activities in deep snow. Sold as a set of 2.

Knit Muffler Forest Kid's ¥2,400 +TAX
Brightly designed to accentuate an outfit, this scarf suits many purposes, from hiking in chilly seasons to urban wear. Keeps you warm and comfortable using high quality blended wool yarn.

Cap and Hat / Socks


CLIMAPLUS Knit Ear Warmer ¥1,500 +TAX
These folding ear warmers feature a soft, warm fleece fabric. The headband stretches to fit a variety of head types. The ability to fold these ear warmers make them great for stashing in your bag and forgetting about them till you need them.

Trail Action Neck Gaiter ¥2,500 +TAX
The Trail Action Neck Gaiter is our midweight fleece option for the snow. The smooth outer texture of Stretch Climaplus will readily shed snow in winter conditions. The stretchy nature of Stretch Climaplus aids in wicking away moisture by having the fabric next to skin and the draw cord at the back of the gaiter can be used to really dial in fit.

EXCELOFT Camp Shoes ¥3,200 +TAX
The new Exceloft Camp Shoes are perfect for wearing around camp during the colder seasons. The soles have a layer of urethane foam to keep your feet warm and have synthetic leather on the bottom for increased durability and improved grip. Perfect for wearing inside the mountain hut on your backcountry ski tour or in a tent during shoulder season camping.



CLIMAAIR Blanket M ¥3,300 +TAX / ②CLIMAAIR Blanket S ¥2,900 +TAX
Fitted with snaps and lightweight adjustable cords, this blanket features synthetic fleece with long fibers that make it warm and lightweight when compared to other types of fleece. The blanket easily converts to a shawl or skirt. Most use this product in a drafty office setting or while dealing with chilly travel environments.

Down Blanket L ¥12,800 +TAX
Fitted with snaps and lightweight adjustable cords, this down filled blanket easily converts to a shawl or skirt. Most use this product in a drafty office setting or while dealing with chilly travel environments.

Paddling wear


Paddling Anorak ¥11,500 +TAX
An anorak made with Montbell's proprietary waterproof/breathable material and seam sealing on all sewing lines to completely shut out water. Designed with a variety of features to make your day on the water more comfortable, like paddling friendly articulation in the arms, a hood that can be precisely adjusted and chloroprene cuffs to shut out water.

Aleut Ocean Anorak ¥21,000 +TAX
An outer shell for kayak touring adopted from an idea from sea kayaker Masahiro Uchida. The ideal material for kayaks, with excellent waterproof breathability. It is also stretchable so it does not obstruct paddling movement. Great for all seasons and from short day trips to long distance touring.

Neoprene Paddling Tights Men's ¥6,500 +TAX / Women's ¥6,000 +TAX
These 2.5mm thick chloroprene tights balance insulative abilities with mobility, featuring a pattern that matches the natural position when paddling. All of the seams are sewn flat so they don't create discomfort. These tights aren't just great for kayaking or paddling a SUP, they are great for any water activity that requires insulation. A draw cord at the waist allows you to adjust fit.

Kayak Fishing Dry Pants ¥27,000 +TAX
Dry pants loaded with all the features necessary for kayak fishing. Made from waterproof breathable material specifically designed for water sports, boasting 30,000mm of water resistant capability.

Cycle Clothing


Windtect Cycle Under Shirt ¥5,800 +TAX
This base layer is designed for cycling during the colder months, with insulative properties and wind proofing. Made with a stretchy, windproof shell material on the front of the garment, shoulders and down the arms on the outer layer and Zeo-Line M.W. to provide warmth. The back and underarm areas, which are prone to trap heat and moisture, are made with ZEO-LINE® L.W. for quick drying and allowing efficient release of body heat.

ZEO-LINE Light Weight Cycle Under Shirt ¥3,300 +TAX
High-performance cycling base layer features a long tail design which covers the back when in a riding position and is made with a combination of materials of varying thickness. The front of the garment is made with ZEO-LINE® L.W. for retaining warmth and to facilitate quick drying. The back of the garment is made with ZEO-LINE® Cool Mesh to dry fast and allow efficient release of heat.

Versalite Cycle Pants ¥13,900 +TAX
The lightweight, compact rain pants were developed using an ultralight shell material bonded to a waterproof membrane that has amazing breathability. Their compact size also makes them great for carrying in your bag in case of a sudden shower. The seat of the pants utilize a material that is durable and resists slipping.

Cycle Bib Tights ¥9,000 +TAX
These medium weight bib tights offer an adequate amount of heat retention and wicking. Made in a soft fabric with excellent stretch, this item will not constrict the stomach and offers a pleasant ride. The lining is not brushed, making it ideal for active cycling in winter.

WINDSTOPPER Padless Cycle Gloves ¥4,700 +TAX
When the weather is cool, these gloves excel due to their combination of wind proofing and flexibility.Your hands are covered with GORE-TEX Infinium Windstopper Fabrics to block out wind and the stretchy nature of the gloves material provide superior fit. The fingertips and palms utilize a synthetic leather to increase durability and gripping ability.

Cycle Over Gloves ¥8,500 +TAX
All weather over gloves that can be combined with Montbell's thinner cycling gloves. Made with Montbell's proprietary waterproof breathable material DRYTEC® and seam sealed to shut out water. The palms utilize synthetic leather to improve gripping ability and durability. (Palms don't feature any kind of padding)

Work Wear and Gear


Fisherman Bib ¥9,600 +TAX
The Fisherman Bib is a lightweight bib designed specifically for use in the fishing and mariculture industries. Compared to other bibs, the Fisherman Bib is made with a waterproof material that is able to "breathe" and release built up heat much more effectively.

Logger Pack 10 ¥8,200 +TAX / 20 ¥8,800 +TAX
The Logger Pack series is designed for professionals working in the forestry industry. It has three compartments which can be used to efficiently organize tools, fuel bottles, maintenance kits, and other gear needed for the demanding work of a forester. The backpack has a smaller silhouette that won't get in the way of work and can be used in combination with the Logger Tool Belt or the Logger Tool Bag.

Logger Tool Bag M ¥2,400 +TAX / L ¥2,800 +TAX
This tool bag can be attached to the Logger Tool Belt or another work belt with a width of 50mm. Comes with a variety of pockets for efficiently organizing your gear, like fuel bottles, tools, maintenance kits, and other gear needed for the demanding work of a forester. The material is strong, durable and resistant to oil staining.

Logger Tool Belt ¥3,600 +TAX
This belt can be used in combination with the Logger Tool Bag or with other forestry tools. We've taken our years of experience producing backpacks and applied our knowledge to creating a form fitting hip belt using superior foam for cushioning.