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The Roll-Up Closure System



Backpacks that utilize the Roll-Up Closure System have the benefit of increased water resistance and superior usability.

Water Resistance and Usability

The most common way to keep your pack's contents dry is to put a rain cover over your backpack. However, a rain cover won't keep the rain from running down your back. They also make it difficult to access the pockets and main compartments of the backpack. The challenge was how to make the backpack both highly water resistant and easy to use.
One solution is the Roll-Up Closure System when paired with the Aqua Barrier Sack, a waterproof inner bag. This elegant solution means you don't have to worry about getting your pack's contents wet in any weather, and you don't have to worry about putting a rain cover on every time it starts raining. It's also very simple and easy to use, allowing you to get in and out of the bag quickly at any time.

Two layers of fabric for extremely high water resistance


The Roll-Up Closure System is combined with the Aqua Barrier Sack. The simple pattern of the backpack's main body has minimal seams to reduce entry points, increasing water resistance. The Aqua Barrier Sack is made using a waterproof material with seam sealing. The Roll-Up Closure is airtight, helping ensure water does not enter the main compartment.

The Aqua Barrier Sack


The Aqua Barrier Sack is specially designed to nest perfectly inside the backpack's main compartment. The opening of the Aqua Barrier Sack has Velcro tabs that mate with the Velcro tabs on the opening of the backpack. This allows you quick access to your pack's conents because opening your backpack simultaneously opens the Aqua Barrier Sack. This system also allows you to quickly remove the entirety of your pack's contents because you can slide the Aqua Barrier Sack out of the backpack. This is especially useful for situations where your backpack may be wet and you want to keep the inside of your tent dry. Simply slide out the Aqua Barrier Sack and leave your wet backpack in your tent's vestibule.
A backpack with an Aqua Barrier Sack is extremely waterproof, but it is not suitable for use in situations with high water pressure, ie underwater.

Quick access to the main compartmen

Since there is no top lid, just unbuckle it for quick access to your pack's contents. To close it, simply roll the opening two or more times and buckle it.


Wide opening for easy loading and unloading


Wide opening for easy loading and unloading

Roll-up Closure System Backpack Lineup

We have a wide range to choose from depending on your activity. Daypacks for a quick jaunt at the local trail to larger volume products perfectly suited to multi-day trips.

Simple construction for a wide range of situations

These packs cover everything from simple overnights to longer expeditions. Designed to meet the needs of mountaineers, gear loops on the outside of these packs can be used with carabiners to attach gear, such as ice axes.

Optional top lid for capacity expansion. Can also be used as a waist bag. S for Granite Pack, M for Alpine Pack and L for Expedition Pack

Dual compartments


These highly functional packs have a main compartment that can be accessed from the bottom and the top. A divider in the middle of the back allows you to divide the main compartment, great for storing wet gear or clothing outside of the Aqua Barrier Sack.
With a pocket on the shoulder harness and the front of the pack, this pack offers better storage organization than other roll-up models.

Ultra-lightweight models

A shoulder pocket for 600ml bottles and a breathable 3D mesh back panel are just a few of the substantial features these lightweight packs have.

Daypack for hiking

Cannot attach the top lid