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The New Products of Fall & Winter 2020-2021



Alpine Jackets and Pants


Stream Parka Men's ¥29,000+tax / Women's ¥29,000+tax
This burly hard-shell is built to stand up to the toughest alpine conditions. A proven choice for professional mountain guides, the Stream Parka excels in the face of inclement mountain weather. By combining a durable outer fabric with GORE-TEX C-Knit Backer, this jacket boasts superior performance without the tactile performance of an ordinary hard shell. Pockets are positioned so as not to interfere with a harness and can easily accommodate thick gloves or goggles. The thoughtful design of this parka is intended to reduce the stresses of constant movement and keep you performing comfortably all day.

Alpine Pants Men's ¥25,000+tax / Women's ¥25,000+tax
Made with 3-layer GORE-TEX C-Knit Backer, which has great breathability and durability, these pants were developed to withstand activities such as traversing mountains over 3,000 meters high in winter or challenging difficult ice climbing routes. The durability and stretchiness of the fabric makes them easy to move in, perfect for professional use by guides, but also those wanting to get the most out of their winter pursuits.

Powder Track Bib ¥32,000+tax
If you are only truly satisfied when you find yourself barreling down the mountain in waist deep powder, then the Powder Track Bib is an absolute must. Durability for those downhill tree runs and superior breathability will keep you feeling dry on the uphill, this bib is chest high and made with GORE-TEX C-Knit Backer Technology. Features edge guards, side zips for ventilation and an amply sized chest pocket and cargo pockets.

Insulated Jackets


The Light Alpine Down series is a winter all-rounder offering an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio and superb compressibility. As a well-insulated, reliable jacket, it will serve you greatly for both casual use and serious outdoor adventure. Features DWR and anti-static treated on fabric.

Light Alpine Down Parka Men's ¥17,400+tax / Women's ¥16,600+tax
Light Alpine Down Jacket Men's ¥15,400+tax / Women's ¥14,600+tax
Light Alpine Down Vest Men's ¥12,800+tax / Women's ¥12,000+tax

Soft Shells


Roche Parka ¥14,500+tax
Roche Jacket ¥13,000+tax
The Roche Parka and Jacket give you excellent mobility while protecting you from unpredictable weather conditions. It is excellent in wind- and water-resistance and durability, and the 4-way stretch fabric and reinforcement on shoulders and arms will support your high performance during severe technical climbing and mountaineering in winter.

Ultra Light Shell Parka Men's ¥7,800+tax / Women's ¥7,300+tax
The outer shell is made with an ultrathin material that is surprisingly strong and provides excellent wind proofing. The polyester lining provides adequate insulation for cooler weather while also functioning as a way to quickly wick away moisture. In addition, the stretch fabric in the back and sleeves and the ventilation under the arms provide comfort even when you're charging up your favorite trail.

Fleece Jackets


CLIMAAIR Lined Jacket Men's ¥12,000+tax / Women's ¥11,500+tax
The CLIMAAIR Lined Jacket provides excellent heat retention and reduced weight. Great for preventing a chill on cool autumn days outside.

CLIMAAIR Jacket Men's ¥8,600+tax / Women's ¥8,000+tax
Montbell's CLIMAAIR fleece is exceptionally durable and versatile. CLIMAAIR is highly breathable and dries quickly. Great for preventing a chill on cool autumn day outside. Stretch fabric along the sides of the jacket allow for release of heat.

CLIMAAIR Angler Jacket ¥11,500+tax
Montbell's CLIMAAIR fleece offers excellent heat retention and reduced weight. The soft, fur-like fibers trap air to provide incredible warmth at a minimal weight. The shoulders and elbows are reinforced to protect from chafing, it's well suited for not only casual outing but hiking and fishing.



DRY-TEC Shell Pants Men's ¥12,500+tax / Women's ¥11,500+tax
These pants offer stretchability and waterproof breathable functionality. The seams are waterproofed, offering excellent waterproof function even in rainy weather. Made using a blend of polyurethane for stretch, these pants are ideal for climbing and trekking in the colder months.

Base Layers


Light weight, soft to the touch super merino wool base layer suited for daily usage or for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking and trail running year round.Middle weight, soft to the touch super merino wool base layer suited for backcountry skiing, mountaineering or hiking in cool to cold temperatures. Wool's natural abilities to control moisture will keep you feeling warm and comfortable from the moment you put it on.

Super Merino Wool Light Weight T-Shirt Men's ¥4,500+tax
Super Merino Wool Middle Weight V-Neck Shirt Men's ¥7,200+tax
Super Merino Wool Light Weight Round Neck Shirt Men's ¥5,500+tax / Middle Weight ¥6,800+tax
Super Merino Wool Middle Weight Round Neck Shirt Men's ¥6,800+tax


ZEO-LINE Expedition Side-zip Waist Warmer ¥2,200+tax
Detachable Waist Warmer keeps your waist warm and effectively retains the body heat with Expedition weight Zeo-Line fabric. Thanks to the excellent stretch and soft fit of, it follows your body's movements. It quickly wicks away perspiration and keeps you comfortable before and during activities. Features a zipper on the side making it extremely easy and simple to put on and take off.


The Thermatec series of products have excellent insulative properties and help keep the affected area warm before and during exercise. Made with an extremely stretchy fabric that won't hinder your movement during physically demanding activities and can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. Furthermore, the material wicks moisture and dries quickly, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable.

THERMATEC Finger Warmer ¥1,200+tax
THERMATEC Palm Warmer ¥1,700+tax
THERMATEC Wrist Warmer ¥1,700+tax
THERMATEC Elbow Warmer ¥1,500+tax
THERMATEC Arm Warmer ¥1,600+tax
THERMATEC Ankle Warmer ¥1,500+tax
THERMATEC Knee Warmer ¥1,400+tax
THERMATEC Leg Warmer ¥1,600+tax
THERMATEC Leg Warmer Long ¥1,800+tax

Travel and Country


Bernina Down Coat Men's ¥27,000+tax
This fully seam-sealed waterproof down coat will protect you perfectly from harsh winter weather. High quality 800 fill power down is covered with 2-layer shell material, DryTec, and this construction makes sure its wind- and water-resistance, heat retention and weight reduction. Well suited for both business use and casual outing.

Wool Travel Coat Men's ¥28,000+tax
Stay classy, warm and lightweight. This wool coat makes it possible. Combining high quality wool with Exceloft insulation secures elegance, warmth and weight reduction, making this coat your best travel companion in winter. Anti-static treatment on the liner fabric. Hand washable.


Neige Down Coat Women's ¥19,800+tax
This lightweight long down coat offers a sporty design with the longest hem length in our collection of coats. Featuring high quality 800 fill power down and ultra-light wind blocking nylon this 16.4 ounce gem travels well at the size of your average water bottle. Sinfully soft inner cuffs keep cold air from filtering in through the sleeves and lined pockets provide a welcome home for cold hands. Finally, we include a two way main zipper to keep you in comfort and toasty warm while seated between destinations.

O.D. Lined Samue ¥10,000+tax
O.D. Lined Samue Easy Pants ¥9,300+tax
Getting an idea from the traditional style of clothing worn by Zen monks, the O.D. Lined Samue offers you comfort and mobility on chilly days of colder seasons. It is designed to give a right amount of stretch and its lined construction provides good insulation by trapping warm air between layers. When you learn how comfortable, durable and quick drying it is, you may find yourself almost always in this jacket.

Kid's and Baby's


WINDSTOPPER Down Parka Kid's 100-120 ¥12,000+tax / 130-160 ¥13,500+tax
Perfect piece for playing outdoors on a cold winter day or going to school on a snowy day. Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper fabric provides wind- and weather-resistance while high-quality down keeps the body superbly warm.

Travel Down Parka Kid's 100-120 ¥10,000+tax / 130-160 ¥11,000+tax
When walking to school, playing outdoors or traveling during cold seasons, this down parka promises you exceptional warmth. A large amount of down retains heat while the Polkatex durable water repellent treatment repels precipitation. Detachable hood design offers you options.

CLIMAAIR Jacket Kid's 90-120 ¥4,400+tax / 130-160 ¥4,900+tax
The soft, fur-like fleece traps air to provide incredible warmth at a minimal weight, while stretch fabric on the sides effectively release excess heat. A perfect middle layer during colder seasons.


Ear Warmer Kid's #1 ¥1,500+tax / Ear Warmer Kid's Animal ¥1,500+tax
Keep ears warm and toasty while having fun in the snow or being outdoors in cold weather. Inner frames are adjustable to fit different head sizes, and collapsible to make it easy to carry around.

Powder Gloves Kid's ¥3,600+tax
Powder Mittens Kid's ¥3,400+tax
Waterproof/breathable gloves and mittens for children who love snow activities in winter. Insulated with polyester filling, and the fingers and palms are textured to improve grip and abrasion resistance. Feature a Velcro strap around the wrist to keep the gloves in place, and hem drawcords to shut snow out.

Powder Boots Kid's ¥5,500+tax / Baby's ¥5,000+tax
These lightweight, warm winter boots are perfect for playing outside in the snow. The bottoms of the boots are waterproof and the Velcro strap makes it easy to adjust fit, even for kids.
*Boots are not waterproof above rubber bottoms.


Pocketable Baby Carrier Warmer ¥4,900+tax
Compatible with baby carriers such as the Pocketable Baby Carrier, this also doubles as a warm, cover for your baby carrier. Easy to care for and clean at home, the outer fabric repels light precipitation and helps prevent stains.



Alpine Cruiser 3000 Wide ¥49,800+tax
With excellent heat retention and rigidity, this model can handle severe winter mountaineering in 3,000m class mountains. The upper uses durable and insulating 2.8-3.0 mm thick suede leather and the inner is lined with the world's most waterproof breathable GORE-TEX Duratherm fabric. Designed to both be stable and flexible when moving, with significant weight reductions. The ankle bends forward and backward to assist with the wearer's smooth movement under the harshest circumstances. This model has a larger foot circumference that corresponds with a wide 4E size for those with broad feet or a high instep.

Alpine Cruiser 2800 Wide ¥42,800+tax
With excellent heat retention and rigidity, this model can handle winter mountaineering. The upper uses durable and insulating synthetic leather and the inner is lined with the world's most waterproof breathable GORE-TEX Duratherm fabric. Designed to both be stable and flexible when moving, with significant weight reductions. The ankle bends forward and backward to assist with the wearer's smooth movement under the harshest circumstances. This model has a larger foot circumference that corresponds with a wide 4E size for those with broad feet or a high instep.

Easy Spike ¥1,900+tax
These lightweight and simple traction device featuring spikes for walking on icy roads. They are quick to put on and off and become compact for easy carrying and sized to fit most boots. They could be used for hiking on the icy trails. Also, you could use them on paved rodes covered with melted or hard packed snow in urban areas. These are simple anti-slip devices, so please use snow spikes or crampones for winter treckking and alpine/ice climbing.

Vail Boots ¥20,800+tax
Vail Boots can stand up to extremely cold winter weather and keep you warm whenever you are traveling in town or enjoying outdoor activities.
Upper material is a combination of nylon and natural leather, providing exceptional strength and durability.
Bottom part is made of EVA, equipped with removable wool-lined inner boots.

Aspen Boots Men's ¥17,500+tax / Women's ¥16,800+tax
Long boots for winter travel or everyday use. The fit can be easily adjusted by 2 laces, along the front of the ankle and around the collar. Soft and smooth upper material prevents snow from sticking on the material, while leather provides durability. A waterproof and breathable liner covers the lower half of the boots. Insulated with extremely thin and warm Thinsulate.



Ice Climbing Gloves ¥11,000+tax
These gloves feature excellent weather resistance and dexterity for the rigors of ice climbing. Designed to the specifications for gripping an ice axe and features padding in key locations to protect your knuckles and hand joints from occasional bumps on the wall. The outside of the glove is lined with warm Thinsulate and features a GORETEX insert for waterproofing.

WINDSTOPPER Light Trekking Gloves ¥3,300+tax
Lightweight, versatile gloves utilizing Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper for superior breathability. Ideal for use on speed hikes and running, but could also be used as inner gloves. The gloves are made using 2 pieces of stretchy fabric and articulated to the shape of the hands for excellent fit.



Alpine Goggles BC ¥14,500+tax
Montbell's advanced anti-fogging system, providing clear visibility in all conditions. Ventilation helps prevent fogging. In addition, the Photochromic lens transitions from light to dark color based on exposure to UV light Well suited for alpine climbing , skiing and snowboarding.

Glass-in Alpine Goggles BC ¥15,000+tax
Montbell's advanced anti-fogging system, providing clear visibility in all conditions. Ventilation helps prevent fogging and can be worn over your eyeglasses. Furthermore, the Photochromic lens transitions from light to dark color based on exposure to UV light. Well suited for alpine climbing , skiing and snowboarding.

Trekking Poles


Fall Line Poles ¥11,400+tax / S ¥11,200+tax
These ski poles have excellent swing balance. The upper shaft is made of aluminum and the lower shaft is a carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Length adjustment is done via cam lock, easy to use even when wearing gloves. Grip is shaped to help manipulate heel lifters.

Inner Sheets


Rectangular Sheet ¥2,300+tax
Perfect sheet for overnight stay in mountain huts, hostels or campsites. Hygienic design prevents your mouth from being contact with possibly contaminated pillows or futon/duvet covers and offers you comfortable sleeping environment. Soft to the touch, lightweight, compact and easy to wash/dry.

Cycling Clothing


Wickron ZEO Cycle Jersey Men's ¥7,800+tax / Women's ¥7,600+tax
This medium weight bike jersey is great for long distance rides during cold days from fall through spring. Utilizes two different thickness of Wickron ZEO in the front and back, helping prevent your body from cooling in the front with thicker fabric, and thinner fabric on the back helps wick away moisture for faster drying. Excels in stretchability, making your ride comfortable.

Wickron Cycle Long Sleeve Jersey #2 / #3 / #4 ¥11,800+tax
This jersey supports your aggressive bike rides with quick dry, moisture-wicking WICKRON. Brushed inner surface helps retain heat and provide a right amount of insulation, while the jersey sits reasonably close to your body so that it does not flap as you ride.


CLIMABARRIER Cycle Gloves ¥3,500+tax
Made with CLIMABARRIER, a film-laminated fleece, these bike gloves provide excellent wind blocking and heat retention during your rides in cold weather. Reduced seam lines offer flexibility, while goat and synthetic leather are effectively placed to give a good grip and durability.

Cycle Foot Covers ¥3,500+tax
Made with Gore-Tex Infinium, being highly water resistant, windproofing and breathable, these shoe covers keep your feet warm when riding in colder months or wet weather. Its stretch properties help provide a good fit on various shapes of shoes. Compatible with bike shoes with cleats.

Cycle Waist Warmer ¥3,000+tax
Feel cold around your stomach after rides? Try this unique rider specific waist warmer. GORE-TEX INFINIUM Windstopper in the front protects your stomach from cold wind, while ZEO-LINE in the back ensures quick drying and air-permeability. An ideal warmer for your winter ride.

Fishing Clothing


Adjustable Angler Vest ¥13,000+tax
Versatile, functional fishing vest with a large number pockets and generous storage space. Adopting magnetic fasteners on pockets is one of those features for ensuring comfortable fishing. To wear over a bulky jacket, open the zippered size gussets and obtain extra width.

Light Angler Vest ¥6,000+tax
Lightweight functional vest designed for fishing styles carrying less gear. Mono-filament mesh fabric is highly breathable and does not retain water therefore dries very quickly, making this vest ideal for hot summer fishing.

Wading Jacket ¥19,500+tax
Built for fishing in unpredictable or cold weather using Montbell proprietary waterproof/breathable material. Its stretch properties make sure your smooth casting actions. To wear over a life jacket or a bulky down jacket, open the zippered size gussets and obtain extra width.

Neoprene Angler Palm Gloves ¥1,100+tax
Neoprene gloves with all fingers exposed, provide warmth on cold days without hindering your performance. 1mm neoprene stretches and nicely fits around your hands, giving optimal dexterity. The stitch lines are shifted towards the back of hand to ease stress while fishing.

Paddling Wear


Super Dry Suit ¥60,000+tax / ② Top ¥25,000+tax / ③ Pants ¥24,000+tax
This lightweight waterproof/breathable dry suit ,top and pants are designed for kayak touring, white water kayaking and kayak fishing in cold seasons or areas.

Neoprene Paddling Gloves ¥3,900+tax / ⑤ Neoprene Open-Palm Mittens ¥3,800+tax
3mm neoprene gloves and mittens designed to protect paddlers from cold weather. These are articulated in such that one can hold a paddle comfortably, and polyester nano fiber on the palm provides a secure grip even when wet or in low temperatures.
The opening on the palm enables excellent paddle control.