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Tenaya Boots Women'sWOMENOutlet


Outlet Price ¥10,780 (Incl.TAX)

No. #1129322


Weight603g(23.5cm・1/2 pair)

Based on the design of our Tuolumne Boots and equipped with our BOA Fit System, this item enables an exceedingly comfortable fit and quick putting on and removing. The shells and ankles are outfitted with two reels that enable adjustment to a very precise fit. Uppers: exceedingly flexible and abrasion resistant, made using a polyester knit that maximizes the breathability of GORE-TEX fabric, and partially reinforced with 2.2mm of highly rigid, high quality nubuck and synthetic leather. Shank plate: outfitted with a resin shank plate with moderate rigidity that prevents twisting. Outer soles: made with TRAIL GRIPPER, which has shown outstanding gripping strength even on wet rocks and wooded trails. Reel Adjust System: The shoes are outfitted with a reel adjust system for a great fit while going on and off very quickly.




Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Products