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In December 2005, Montbell opened their first European store at the foot of the Eiger, Grindelwald, where the heart of Montbell is originated.
It was in the high mountains that Mont-Bell was born - on the North Face of the Eiger. Isamu Tatsuno, the founder of Montbell, was 21 years old when he and his partner tackled the Eiger in 1969. The clothing and gear available then was very limited; cumbersome and ill suited to the harsh mountain conditions. The arduous effort of the climb made them damp beneath their layers, while the melt-water soaked them from the outside...


This experience gave Tatsuno the idea for Montbell, a company that would strive to create clothing and equipment that is light, yet provides comfort in all conditions. Founded and based in Osaka Japan, Montbell has been manufacturing high quality clothing and equipment since 1975, while growing into a company that operates over 60 retail stores within Japan and one in the United States.


Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Montbell chose Grindelwald, the foot of the Eiger, to open their first European store. Located at the right middle of the town, Mont-Bell Grindelwald serves a full line-up of Montbell's latest products, emphasizing ultra-light clothing and equipment. The store also exhibits the equipment Tatsuno used at his ascent of the Eiger in 1969.
Please visit the Grindelwald store where you can view the full history of Montbell: the origin, development, and latest technology.


Tatsuno's Equipment from 1969
The panel exhibits Tatsuno's equipment used in 1969 at his ascent on the Eiger. Next to his equipment is the door from the original Mittellegi Hutte on the Eiger East Ridge, which was built in 1924 with full support from Yuko Maki, a Japanese mountaineer who made the first successful ascent of the Eiger via the east ridge, the Mittellegigrat.

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Join the Montbell (Suisse) Membership Club! As a Montbell (Suisse) Club Member, you will be entitled to accumulate points with your every purchase at Mont-Bell stores. These points will then be redeemable as product discounts applicable to future purchases. You, as a Montbell (Suisse) Club Member, will also be able to receive a numerous privileged services offered by Montbell's partners such as Montbell Friend Shops. For further information, please contact Montbell (Suisse) Grindelwald Store.

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All Montbell (Suisse) Club Members are, with the presentation of his or her Montbell Club Card, entitled to privileged services offered by Montbell Friend Shops. For further information, please contact Montbell (Suisse) Grindelwald Store.


Dorfstrasse 107, CH-3818 Grindelwald Switzerland






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